The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Stop 6:

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon alone is a bucket trip that anyone and everyone should take. While we’ve all seen the photos, it isn’t until you are standing on the ledge of this enormous canyon that you can truly experience its expansiveness and wonder. The same way New York City rises out of the ground, the Grand Canyon disappears into the earth. There are two rims to the canyon, north and south, and each provides a unique experience all its own.

Most families and first-time visitors choose the south rim for its beautiful views and wide range of activities. These include whitewater rafting, hiking the Kaibab Trail down into the canyon, and helicopter rides. If you would rather sit than hike, there is also a bus tour you can take. Accommodations at the Grand Canyon include six historic lodges to choose from, including El Tovar, which was originally built to accommodate passengers of the Santa Fe Railway and considered to be the premier Grand Canyon lodge. But if you want to stay here, it’s suggested that you book your stay at least 13 months in advance, because El Tovar has been the most sought-after lodge for more than a century.

For those of you brave enough, there is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. It’s located on the far western edge of the canyon in the Hualapai Indian Reservation, which is about a three- or four-hour drive west of the Grand Canyon Village. You’d better be sure you have the nerve to walk out onto that glass before you leave, though, or you’ll be taking a long haul for nothing but shame.

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