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Melissa & Lucas Lahr

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Hi, We're The Lahrs!

Choosing an RV for your family can be overwhelming. With so many models and layouts to choose from, it can be difficult to know what will work best for your family.  While we prioritize ease of travel and the nomadic lifestyle, we also want to feel cozy when we shut the shades, and we believe we chose the perfect setup for our family to achieve this goal. This is why we have never changed RV’s during our 8 years of full-time RVing. 

Getting to Know Our Toy Hauler

In 2016, we began traveling in our Heartland Torque 380 toy hauler and haven’t stopped since. Heartland is part of the THOR family of companies, and this will likely be the company we purchase a future RV with when we ever decide to upgrade. We have made a few changes over the years, but the layout and reason for choosing this RV remain the same. 

Heartland Torque Specifications

  • 42’11” long
  • 13’13’’ tall
  • Sleeps 6-8
  • 1.5 baths
  • 3 slides (with opposing slides in the kitchen/LR)
  • Bathtub (deep basin)
  • Huge windows throughout to provide natural light
  • GVWR 18000
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 110 gallons
  • Grey Water Capacity: 75 gallons
  • Black Water Capacity: 75 gallons
  • Onan Generator

A Flexible Floor Plan

Choosing a toy hauler has given us the flexibility to change up the layout as our family has grown while also providing ample living space and off-grid capabilities.   

When we were searching for our home on wheels, we had to consider our family size of six. It was important to find something larger than a typical RV bunk for our growing, adult-size children, and while giving us the flexibility to change it as they have grown. We needed a space to put full-size twin mattresses.

The garage area has served as both a kids' room and a primary bedroom over the years. We have liked both set-ups for different reasons, and each layout has served our family's unique needs. Do you have a teen or someone who is close to that age? Height will become a factor for your typical RV bunks, and a toy hauler may become the best option for taller families like ours. For that reason, the tall ceilings in the toy haulers also felt right for us. 

Another added bonus has been the toy hauler garage deck. We love that when it is closed, we can display the giant sticker collection we have accumulated throughout our travels. When the deck is down, we have an extended patio for the kids to play Legos with friends or for us to enjoy the sunset over the ocean at beach campsites.  

Getting Off Grid

We also chose this RV for its off-grid capabilities. We spend much of our time camping in remote places to enjoy the beauty of nature together. In doing so, an onboard generator, lots of roof space for solar panels, and large water-holding tanks made this model ideal for us. The toy hauler has higher clearance and helped us park in some of the most beautiful campsites. 

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Keeping It Cozy

We have done quite a bit to make this RV feel like our home. Not only have we added paint, but changing up window coverings, washable rugs, and throw pillows can really make our space feel fresh and new. In addition, we have added some other key features like a bookshelf and fireplace to make the space cozy.   

Natural light is important to us because we cannot always be outside. We love the large windows and the opposing slides in the main living area so our entire family can be inside together and still enjoy the stunning views out the windows when the weather is unfavorable. The opposing slides offer tons of floor space and room to entertain friends and family. 

Having a bathtub was just a bonus when we chose this RV, but it has been so nice to have a hot soak in a deeper tub when we are on full hook-ups. This is one of those things I didn’t realize I would miss while traveling, and now I am so grateful that I don’t have to do without.  

Must-Have Amenities

There are some practical features we love in our toy hauler that we have found necessary for RVing as a family. This RV had space for a washer and dryer in the master, and we cannot imagine living without that as a big family. With daily laundry, going to a laundromat just wasn’t practical for us. 

We also love the large pass-through storage in the basement for storing blow-up paddle boards, lawn chairs, fishing poles, kayaks, and outside toys for our adventures outdoors. This model did not come with a loft and we are glad because we can use this space for storage and still have plenty of sleeping spaces for our kids. 

We also went with this model RV because the Torque model is more budget-friendly than many other toy haulers. It may not have all the bells and whistles, but with our family making modifications and renovations to suit our needs, we knew it was more about the bones, the space, the slide positions, and the windows because those things could not be changed. 

Our Home On Wheels

We have never loved a home as much as this one. Perhaps because it has wheels, but also because we have worked so hard to make her feel cozy. The freedom and flexibility of this lifestyle are the main reasons we keep traveling, but this RV has made it possible and comfortable.  

Our goal is to educate families on this lifestyle and encourage families to get out exploring nature together. The truth is, the RV that is best for your family is the one you can afford right now. You can always upgrade or change it up later.  

What matters most is that you get out and hit the open road as a family as soon as you can. Whether you're a seasoned RVer or dreaming of hitting the road, remember that the journey is as rewarding as the destination and any RV can be made to feel like home. 

Melissa Lahr

Toy Haulers

Many people think of toy haulers as the wild-child of the RV world.  Sometimes that’s true. While the toy hauler originated as a mobile man-cave complete with diamond plate walls, this popular RV type has evolved into much more. Today you might want to think of toy haulers as open-concept living spaces with multi-purpose utility.

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