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Donny and Tammy Benedict

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Hi, We're The Benedicts!

Three years ago we decided to stop waiting for teacher retirement and start living our dream now—to live and travel in our RV and start checking off our bucket lists! We knew we wanted a fifth wheel as our home on wheels for its ease of travel and the extra height it provides inside.  We found our ideal companion in the Keystone Cougar 316RLS, which we’ve affectionately dubbed, the “Cougar”. This fifth wheel has captured our hearts, complements our travel lifestyle, has amazing features, and has taken us to unforgettable destinations.

Why We Chose The Keystone Cougar 316RLS

As travelers embracing the RV lifestyle, we set out to find our home on wheels with a checklist of non-negotiable requirements: lots of windows, a pantry, a big shower, a separate laundry closet, and an auto-leveling system. The Keystone Cougar 316RLS checked all the boxes for us and then some. We previously owned a Keystone Cougar travel trailer and knew firsthand the quality construction, attention to detail, and innovative design of Keystone products.  The minute we walked into the spacious layout and saw the amenities, we were convinced that this fifth wheel perfectly fit our “teacher in an RV”  lifestyle. 

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How The Keystone Cougar Fits Our RV Travel Lifestyle

As we have traveled through the majestic mountains of Wyoming, the unforgettable views of Montana, and the coastal route of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, our Cougar has been a perfect home base for all our adventures. There is ample storage for all the essentials for extended journeys, from our kayak, e-bikes, and favorite camp chairs to my favorite coffee maker and crock pot.  And let’s not forget the fact that we have all our clothes and personal items with us!! No baggage claim necessary!  Hooray

Donny and Tammy Benedict's Keystone Cougar fifth wheel.

Inside, the living area is a sanctuary on the move. The open floor plan is perfect for entertaining friends or relaxing after a fun day of exploring. We love the heated massage recliners and our grand cuties love a sleepover on the sleeper sofa, which they call the “transformer bed”.  The fully equipped kitchen makes cooking all our favorite meals as easy as ever.  And my favorite little unexpected perk that I use every day, the coffee bar

The clincher for us though was the size of the Cougar 316RLS.  At 36 feet long it was perfect for our spirit of adventure without compromising the luxuries of home we are accustomed to.  We have plenty of space for everyday life inside the fifth wheel with all the maneuverability needed to visit the state and national parks we enjoy.

Our Favorite Features

  1. King-Sized Bed

    We never owned a king-size bed before living in the Cougar so it feels luxurious to us.  We did add our favorite mattress for comfort along with a memory foam topper just because “why not”.  After a day of adventure, sinking into that big bed feels like heaven.

  2. Residential-Style Kitchen

    I love the kitchen in the fifth wheel.  There is plenty of counter space to prepare meals and the residential fridge has tons of room for our pre-trip grocery stock up. The proximity of everything makes the whole cooking process easier.

  3. Auto-Leveling System

    Setting up camp is a breeze thanks to the Cougar's auto-leveling system. With the push of a button, Donny can adjust the fifth wheel to ensure a stable and even foundation, which allows us to spend less time on set up and more time on adventuring.

  4. Windows

    This is my favorite feature! The wonderfully oversized windows flood the interior with natural light and offer stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Those views are what we craved with the RV lifestyle and I love waking up to the natural artwork they frame in each new destination we visit.

Where Our RV Has Taken Us

In the past five years, our RV has taken us to 26 states and over 80 State and National Parks.  We’ve embarked on countless adventures, each more memorable than the last. From the unbelievable beauty of Glacier National Park to the tranquil shores of Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks, this RV has been our faithful companion every step of the way.

Having Unique Experiences

One view I will never forget is the view we found at Lewis and Clark State Park in Montana.  The views from the Cougar’s windows were breathtaking and the sunsets were stunning.  I could have stayed right there just Donny, me, and the RV forever.

But there is just so much to explore! The hidden gems we find along the way are always some of our favorite surprises, from charming small towns to bustling cities and everything in between. Each destination has offered unique experiences and memories we cherish, all made possible by traveling in our Cougar.

Donny and Tammy Benedict pose on a hiking trail next to a river.

The Keystone Cougar 316RLS is an investment in experiences that has etched priceless memories throughout our journey. We are so glad that we stopped waiting and are thankful to be checking off our bucket lists now. Our Cougar has allowed us to live out our dreams and we have no regrets!

Donny and Tammy Benedict

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