Adventure. Electrified.

Reinventing the RV Experience for a New Generation and a Changing World

Adventure. Electrified.

For over 40 years, THOR has been helping families connect with nature and one another.  We’ve enabled innumerable journeys and adventures, widened eyes and helped create lifelong memories. 

As testament to our long-term commitment to leading global RV innovation, we’re leading another exhilarating adventure- exploring the undiscovered territory of the future. 

THOR’s long-established culture of innovation uniquely positions us to lead the way; to create products which deliver the experience today’s owners seek and tomorrow’s RVers dream of- from design and safety to comfort and technology.  

Building for the Future.

Whether it’s digital tools to help plan the journey, electric mobility systems to enable more freedom, or smart home technology which enhances comfort, THOR is blazing innovative new paths to the future of RVing.

And this is only beginning. 

It’s been said that the best way to navigate the future is to create it. That’s exactly what we’re doing. 

What Adventure Electrified Looks Like

At THOR, our electric concept RVs are much more than vehicles powered by an electric powertrain. They’re proof points of a holistic innovation strategy to enhance the comprehensive RV experience.  

The electric RV experience will be different. It begins with trip planning using digital tools powered by Roadpass Digital, which optimize the vehicle’s range and help the user navigate their journey. While the RV recharges at a destination campground, its owners recharge in the comfort of a living space with smart home technology and robust digital connectivity. That same connectivity allows for remote monitoring of the RVs systems and instant online diagnostics when an issue arises.

THOR Vision Vehicle Concept

Built on THOR’s exclusive motorized platform, the THOR Vision Vehicle is powered by a high-voltage battery pack and an integrated fuel cell. RVs built with this design will have a targeted range of 300 miles. The innovative power system and enhanced solar capability offer extended off-grid camping capability. The THOR Vision Vehicle also comes equipped with digital tools to assist in every aspect of the electric RV experience.

Airstream eStream Concept

Built on THOR’s exclusive platform, the eStream features a high-voltage, electric drivetrain which powers the trailer’s wheels and thus reduces the tow vehicle’s fuel or energy consumption. The electric drivetrain can also remotely park the RV without the tow vehicle - eliminating the need to back into a campsite. The battery pack also makes it an excellent off-grid vehicle. The eStream is built with a digital first approach to enable a world-class customer experience.

THOR Innovation News

THOR Innovation News

The Art of Shaping Tomorrow

Our innovation vision is focused on creating products which are intuitive, easy to use and meet the next generation’s expectations.

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