Experiences & Life Lessons from the Road

Gabe cooking breakfast inside their Class B RV.
So You Think a Class B is Too Small?

Two Class B RV owners get real about smaller motorized RVs in comparison to larger RV types. Read tips on how to make the most of a Class B camper van.

Renee Tilby and her family take a photo in front of their Jayco Jay Flight
How to Transition From Tent Camping to RVing

Growing family? Sick of a soggy tent? If you're tired of tent camping, here are some tips from Renee Tilby on how to take your camping trips to the next level with an RV.

Abby Epperson's Heartland Pioneer parked at a campsite by a lake.
How to Manage Life Details for Full-Time RVers

If you’re setting out on extended travel or full-time RV living, we’ve got tips for how to handle all those little life details you’re curious about.

Holly Miner's husband holding her in the rain with their Jayco Pinnacle behind them.
A Shopping Guide for New RVers

If you’re thinking about buying an RV, or have recently just purchased one, check out this list of 10 essential RV products and equipment.


How to Camp on the Beach

If you’re the kind of person who thinks the beach is like the promised land, Michael and Tiffany have tips for how to RV camp near the ocean and live the life of your dreams.

Michael and Tiffany Dunagan's Tiffin Allegro RV parked at a waterfront beach campsite.
Desiree Walters' children walk in front of a massive fallen tree.
How a Child Psychologist Approaches RVing with Kids

As a full-time RVer with a degree in child psychology, Desiree Walters shares her valuable tips for helping kids grow and blossom through travel.

Dr. Na's Airstream parked at a campsite with snow capped mountains in the distance.
How to Work Less and Travel More

As an expert in organization effectiveness, Dr. Yon Na offers pro-tips for how to balance work with a robust travel life.

Greg Graham's Airstream parked by mountains at sunset.
Staying Connected and Finding Community on the Road

Greg Graham is living proof that full-time RVing doesn’t have to be lonely. Read his tips for making new friends and building a community on the road.


RVing For Beginners

In this Q&A, Ben and Christina McMillan share their best tips and tricks for RVing if you’re a total newbie

RVing For Beginners
Alison Takacs's Jayco Jay Flight parked at a campground as the sun rises.
An RVer’s Guide to Stargazing

Alison Takacs is both an avid RVer and landscape photographer, and one of her favorite things to do is take stargazing RV trips. Learn more about how she finds the best dark sky parks to camp in and her tips for capturing the best astrophotography.

Jama and Randy Maples Keystone RV boondocking outside of Zion National Park.
Managing Energy Use for Boondocking in a Big Rig

Through their love of boondocking, the Maples Family have become experts in managing energy usage while they’re off-grid.

Samantha and Blake sit under the awning of their Dutchmen Voltage with two children.
A Checklist for Packing Up and Moving Campsites

Samantha and Blake share their unique perspectives on how to make packing up and moving campsites faster, easier and less painless so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

Sarah Hubbart's dog sitting in the loft bed of their Thor Motor Coach Chateau.
How to Host Guests in an RV

Sarah Hubbart is a pro at hosting guests in her RV. She shares her tips for keeping everyone happy, sane and eating great camp food for the duration of their trip.

Sandra Peña's kids run around outside on a dirt road in front of her Jayco Class C RV.
The Mobile Classroom

Sandra Peña is “roadschooling” her four kids from their Class C RV and shares her favorite educational, kid-friendly campsite activities.


Boondocking: The Escape Everyone Should Know About

Amy and her husband Matt have been boondocking in their toy hauler for years, sometimes going off the grid for weeks at a time. Check out her tips for having the most successful, and serene, boondocking trip.

Amy Rekart's Cruiser Stryker toy hauler's back patio opens up to a beautiful mountain scene with lush grass and sunny skies.
Burger grilling on a grill.
The Grill Masters

Abby and Adam are avid grillers and RVers. Over the years, the couple has perfected the art of cooking while on the road. Check out their tips and advice for how to cook the best campsite barbecue.

Tom Boswell showing how to check tire pressure on his RV.
The Basics of Travel Trailer Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your RV running smoothly, Tom Boswell has recommendations for where to start. First things first, here’s a basic list of the systems you should check regularly.

Clothes and school work organized in storage cupboards inside Brittnee Proha's Heartland Cyclone.
Hacking Our RV Storage

As a family of seven who live full-time in their Heartland Cyclone, the Prohas have a few tricks up their sleeve for making the most of limited storage space.

Gretchen Holcomb's son plays a keyboard in the garage of their Jayco Octane Toy Hauler.
RVing Through History

Learn how this high school history teacher makes RV travel both educational and fun for her whole family.

Kirsten Womack poses during a hike at Flat Rock park in Columbus, Georgia.
Starting a Business from the Road

A certified health coach shares how she was able to start a business from the road, and found better health and more happiness living in her RV.

Cindy Scott and her husband sit outside their Keystone Outback at nighttime with string lights on.
The Best RV Gadgets and Gifts

This full-time RVer and tech enthusiast shares her absolute favorite RV gadgets and gifts.

Dark photo with a blue car in front of a lit up trailer, with the awning out, door open, and chairs set up outside the trailer.
First Time RVing in Winter Weather

If bad weather can find a way to sabotage travel plans, it will. Here, Kalen Thorien shares some of the winter weather lessons she’s learned the hard way.

A woman stand on the porch of a toy hauler RV with her dog.
Feeling At Home On The Road

Content creator and proud dog mom Stepfanie Tyler shares how her fifth wheel feels like a home away from home.

A landscape of grass and mountains in the distance.
How I Use My RV as a Hunting Basecamp

An avid hunter and former cop shares his best tips for using your RV as a hunting basecamp.

A family hiking a rocky path in idyllic Glacier National Park.
How to Get Back Out There

Travel in 2020 is going to look a lot different than before––but there’s no reason it can’t be just as fun. Here are some tips on how to prepare for vacation in a time of social distancing.

A couple sits in front of their Keystone Outback RV by a campfire at night
Diversity, Inclusion and RVing

How can campgrounds create a welcoming environment for all? Britta and Will Brown answer this question, along with some other FAQs about inclusivity, safety and what it’s like to be a Black couple in an RV.

A truck towing an  RV parked in front of a sandy ridge.
How to Plan a Long Road Trip

Roadlife mom Christy Cutler shares her best tips for planning a long road trip in your RV––and her best tips for enjoying the journey.

A well-muscled man meditating on the porch of a toy hauler RV.
How to Prioritize Your Wellness and Health on the Road

Fraser and Lauren Bayley are fitness trainers who spend a lot of time traveling––here are their best tips for staying well on the road.

A residential-sized fridge in an RV, holding all kinds of produce.
How to Eat Healthy on the Road

Traveling doesn’t have to derail your health goals. Here, trainers and nutrition coaches Lauren and Fraser Bayley share with us their best tips for how to eat healthy on vacation and what food to pack for an RV road trip.

A cute husky asleep on his back on an RV couch.
Our First Month Sharing an RV with Two Dogs

Dog-mom Jessica Shaw offers up tips for keeping your pups happy in an RV, whether you’re on a long trip or a weekend adventure.

Little boy opens front door of Thor Class C motorhome and smiles out at the camera
How to take a week-long RV trip

Interested in taking a trip during school break? Or maybe you just want to take a short family trip? Ben Christensen shares some tips on how to make the most out of your RV trip when you only have a week to spare.

A man hooking up a waste hose to an RV for black water drainage.
Our First Black Water Mistake

When the Griffins first hit the road, they had a lot to learn about black water.

A man handing woman two yoga mats he retrieved from an RV's exterior storage cubby.
How To Do a Full-Body Workout on the Road

There’s always a way to squeeze in a workout on the road. Lauren and Fraser Bayley walk us through their best workout tips for staying fit when you’re traveling.

A middle aged man sitting with his two grandkids on a couch.
Our First Time Camping with Our Grandkids

When Brandy Gleason first took her granddaughter on a trip, she had to relearn some lessons about kids and camping.

Mom and daughter laughing while eating s'mores.
Our First Time RVing with a Teenager

Families love to hit the road together, but teenagers can pose their own set of travel challenges. Angel and Ariel Thomas share their advice for helping teens embrace RV travel.

A new RV against a blue sky with clouds.
Our First Time Buying a New RV

When the Bolands decided to pursue RV travel as a lifestyle, they decided to buy a brand new rig. Here's how they narrowed down their choices for such an important purchase.

A rainbow sunset over a Toy Hauler RV that's glowing from within with light.
Our First Time Dry Camping

The Puglisi Family looks back at some of their first boondocking trips and shares their hard-won lessons with anyone who wants to brave the wilderness.

A sleepy goldendoodle resting on a couch with her head on a pillow.
Traveling with Pets

If your dog has wanderlust, your cat needs a vacation, or your fish could use a change in view, read these tips about how real RVers travel with pets.

The Bolands posed with their Thor Motor Coach RV.
Our First Time Driving Our RV

When the Bolands got a brand new Thor Motor Coach RV right off the line, they were excited to take it on the road. And then they learned a few lessons the hard way.

A little boy sitting on the back ramp of a Toy Hauler, watching the sun set.
The First Time We Bought a Toy Hauler

When the Puglisi family went from an RV to a Toy Hauler, they wanted a bigger space—and they got a whole lot more.

A cozy and inviting RV bedroom.
How to Help Kids (and Adults) Sleep on the Road

As a pediatric sleep consultant, Kristena Watson is full of expert tips for helping kids––and adults––get their best sleep, even in unfamiliar new locations.

Luis and Sandra helping Julian wheel his bike out of the toy hauler RV.
Hauling Toys: Kid Cargo

Full-time life on the road can be tricky with two little kids–here’s how the Class family makes it work.

An African American family of 4 stands outside of their Jayco RV that is pulled off on the side of the road with the mountains and trees in the background.
Our First Lessons in Driving an RV

The Hambrick family did a ton of research and preparation when they rented their first RV, but still had to learn a few lessons along the way.

Chanel and Brittany Tate sitting on a dock watching the sunset.
My First RV Camping Trip with My Sister 

Sisters Chanel and Brittany Tate hit the road to Northern Michigan to have an iconic first RV camping experience.

Gray shot, close up of rain and water on the window of an Airstream RV.
My First Night in a Storm

Into every life, a little rain must fall. But what happens when the rain gets inside your RV?

The Jurgy's Class A Thor motorhome driving through the streets of Times Square in New York City.
Our First RV Drive through New York City

An RV can take you anywhere—but the Jurgys test the limit by driving through Times Square.

Taylor riding his dirt bike on a sandy dune.
Hauling Toys: Dirt Bikes

Taylor Walsh may only be 18, but he’s been dirt biking with his family for years. Here’s how the family RV helps make extraordinary dirt biking trips.

A shot of a wet, black road advancing toward the horizon and lined with pine trees.
Our First Trip as RV Owners

A tale of wind resistance, icy roads, surprise pranks and keeping family traditions alive from Jeffrey Shipley.

An RV kitchen decorated with pine boughs and lights for Christmas.
Our First Holiday in the RV

Living in an RV full-time means finding a new way to celebrate holidays. Autumn Bailey shares her favorite tips for Christmas on the road.

Bill Hartig with his daughter Kate, her husband Nate, and their two daughters, posed in front of their family RV.
Our Family's First and Only Camper

When Bill Hartig's father bought an RV in the 90s, they had no idea it would engender a legacy of travel that spans multiple generations.

Steve & Suzanne Talbot standing next to an ATV being unloaded from a Toy Hauler RV hitched to a truck with a mountain backdrop.
Hauling Toys: ATVs

The Talbots are no strangers to RV travel, but now that they have an empty nest, they decide to take it to the next level. 

A laptop and a bigger screen set up at a narrow, but efficient work desk inside an RV bedroom.
My First Time Working Remotely from Our RV

When Andy Murphy got the opportunity to work remotely, he and his family hit the road full-time–but staying connected and productive took a few lessons.

A shot of a golf cart driving down a road lined with dozens of RVs at a tailgating RV park.
My First Time RV Tailgating

For his first RV Tailgating party, Matt Chastain visits one of the most impressive RV Parks in Georgia, built just for tailgaters.

How to Plan a Boondocking Trip for Dirt Biking
How to Plan a Boondocking Trip for Dirt Biking

Taylor Walsh shares his best tips for planning a dirt biking trip, including how to haul gear, prep your toys and weather camping with no hookups.

A white car towing an Airstream Nest pulled off on the side of the road with yellow, fall color trees and mountains in the background.
First Time Changing a Flat Tire While RVing

A flat tire is no big deal—but do the rules change when you’ve got an RV in tow? Laura Austin finds out.

Jasper National Park Dark Sky Preserve blue and green northern lights
Jasper National Park has gone dark in a unique partnership

Jasper National Park and the town of Jasper have become a stargazer's paradise thanks to the residents' willingness to turn off lights.

Bison in field with snowy Teton peaks in the background at Grand Teton National Park.

The Wildlife Brigade's main priority is keeping both animals and humans safe. These volunteers are ready to put themselves between visitors and wildlife.

Amber Thrane holding baby, walking in front of Airstream RV, with two kids walking in front and palm trees in the background.
Our First Camping Trip with Kids

A few growing pains are a part of the adventure, right? Amber Thrane shares a few hard-won tips.

A Highland Toy Hauler RV driving on the road through the mountains.
Hauling Toys: Racecars

See racing expert Kyle Padelford use an RV to haul his car 

A close up shot of a hand on a propane tank with the sun setting on an RV in the background.
My First Frigid Night in the RV

Cold weather can sneak up on you -- but Anthony Tori has some tips and tricks to share.

Ryan Barrick driving his RV.
Why I RV and Ski

Ryan Barrick shares what he loves about using his RV to travel across the US and ski year-round.

Hand holding trash in front of sunset over mountain range
Pick Up One, Pick Up America: Cleaning up public land, one piece of trash at a time

An avid rock climber participates in the Pick Up America program, and shares how important it is to keep our public lands trash-free.

Smokey Bear painting, holding bear cub and shovel 75th anniversary
After 75 years, Smokey Bear still reminds us not to play with fire

Smokey Bear is the longest-running public service advertising campaign in U.S. history and, this year, we celebrate the famous bear's 75th anniversary.

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