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Hi, I'm John King!

It’s not an easy task to find the perfect RV! There are so many options out there it can be overwhelming. 

The first step in our shopping journey was finding a trustworthy brand. We kept hearing great things about Cruiser RV and loved what the brand stood for. It’s part of the THOR family of companies and has a great reputation for making quality campers. 

Not only did we want a travel trailer that was light and easy to tow, but we also wanted something spacious for our family. As a traveling country artist, I also needed our RV to double as a “home away from home” for my family and band when touring! It took some time but we finally found the perfect company with an amazing layout that suits our needs.  

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Ease of Towing

Our RV is a Shadow Cruiser 325 BHS. It is 37 feet long but weighs only 7000 pounds dry. We chose this RV because of its lightweight features, which make towing much easier over long distances. We love to travel to mountainous, vast destinations and wanted our towing experience to be safe and unstressful. On our first trip across the country, we couldn’t believe how great our half-ton Ford F-150 truck did pulling the camper!  

The Perfect Floor Plan

We also love the overall flow of the layout. It boasts an open floor concept, which makes the kitchen, living, and dining areas feel very roomy. 

When we walked in our Shadow Cruiser for the first time, what struck me was how massive the slide-outs were. When we roll the slides out, it feels like the space inside doubles. There have been so many rainy days where we get trapped inside and love all this additional space for our girls to play. 

We were also thrilled with the amount of kitchen space. Our family loves to cook all our meals when we camp, so we knew we needed a lot of counter space. The huge refrigerator makes it possible for us to travel with up to two weeks of groceries! 


An important selling point for us (I think for a lot of RVers) was storage. Cruiser did an amazing job making the most of every inch of space. We travel with a lot of band equipment and gear so extra storage was a necessity. I found that we can get the majority of our camping gear and a lot of our band equipment in the underside storage compartments. We also love to use the bonus storage in the back bunk room cabinets for gear, toys for the girls, and extra pantry items.  

The Kid's Room

The thing that sold us on this layout was the rear bunk room. As a growing family, we knew we would need a space for the kids to play and feel like they had a little oasis of their own. Our camper can easily sleep nine people, so there’s plenty of room for the whole family. The fold-out beds in the middle section of the RV make for a great additional bedroom when the band guys are tagging along as well. We also love that the master is very spacious with plenty of closet space and overhead storage. We joke about how sometimes we sleep better in our camper than we do at home!  

Dual Air Conditioners

The dual AC units come in handy for those hot summer camping trips! A lot of times, we’re traveling all day in 90+ degree heat. When we arrive at a campground, we need our unit to cool down quickly. Our double AC unit can cool the camper down in minutes while we’re setting up.  As a hot-natured person, this is one of my favorite things about our camper! 

Easy Access

With two young kids, it feels like we stop every five minutes! We love that our camper has a separate outdoor entrance to the bathroom.

The RV Right For Our Lifestyle

When I went on tour before we had our camper, we spent most of our time locked up in hotel rooms. I felt like there was so much untapped potential to get out and explore the beautiful places where I was performing. Deciding to get a camper not only enabled me to enjoy the places I traveled to so much more, but it also allowed me to bring my family with me everywhere I go. 

So far, we’ve explored countless states, national parks, and scenic sites that we would not have been able to experience otherwise. Camping for us is fertile ground for lifelong memories. We look forward to more adventures to come in our Shadow Cruiser

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