Ohio RV Supershow 2023

Find the most sought after RVs from the THOR Family of Companies.

A KZ Escape camping near a small pond and snow covered mountains

Get Ready for the Winter Ohio RV Super Show

January 4th-8th, 2023
I-X Center, Cleveland, OH

Join us January 4th-8th for Ohio’s premiere indoor RV and Camper Show, hosted at the colossal I-X Center in the Hopkins neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. A favorite way to brighten up the cold winter days, join thousands of families, full-time RV folks and first-time adventurers for this awesome indoor RV show.

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Here are the top products to look out for at this year's Ohio RV Supershow!

Travel Trailers

These are the most popular type of non-motorized RVs for a reason! Travel trailers come in a wide range of lengths, sizes, floor plans, and price points. They are easy to set up, extremely versatile and a great choice for any size family or group.

A venture sonic rv camping near a river with two bikes on a bike rack

Lightweight Travel Trailers

Lightweight RVs can be towed with light-duty trucks, SUVs, crossovers, even sedans. Made from lighter materials and shaped more aerodynamically, lightweights are designed to keep towing weight down, sometimes reducing it by thousands of pounds.

Fifth Wheel + Toy Hauler RVs

These camping trailers are a favorite of many, especially those taking extended trips or traveling full-time in their RV. The prominent overhang resting above the tow truck bed is frequently employed as a bedroom suite or, more recently, a living room or kitchen.  

Motorized RVs

Drivable RVs, including Class A, Class B and Class C RVs, are the true definition of a home on wheels. These motorized RVs all come equipped with the conveniences of a stick-and-bricks home, including a bathroom, kitchen and sleeping area(s), making them a great option for any type of adventurer.

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