Let’s Go
Off The Grid

A huge appeal of an RV is that it lets you go anywhere and stay anywhere. But how do you do that, exactly? Some call it wild camping, others boondocking or dry camping. It’s a self-contained camping trip without hookups.

Here are some tips to get you started.


Fill ‘er up
Diesel for generator (or go solar)
Propane for stove & fridge, hot water
Fresh water

Empty tanks
Gray & blackwater

Do a test run
Try a trip with hookups – just don’t use them.
Monitor how long you can go on your water, tanks and power.
Knowing there’s backup makes it easy

Think conservation

Charge strategically.
Some find running generators in short phases (about 2 hours) to recharge AM and PM is enough. The more you are outdoors or away from camp, the easier of course.

Use water mindfully
Minimize for daily activities. These tips get specific.

Park for the weather
If it’s hot, park in the shade if possible. If it’s cooler, seek the sun.

Gear accordingly.
Solar generators or even solar suitcases are a great option for the more adventurous camper.
LED bulbs take less energy and last far longer.

On the ground

Remember your neighbors. Other wild campers may appreciate and seek out a more quiet experience. Observe any quiet hours when generators should stay off.

Not ready to go off the grid?

Some campgrounds have full hookup with clean water, power and sewer.
Partial hookup is typically water and power only.

These handy checklists make prepping, getting in and getting out easy of your campground.

Let’s find your reason. 

Tell us what you want to do with your RV, where you want to go, and who’s coming with,
we’ll help you find the RV that’s right for you.

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