How To Work Full-Time From The Road

Tiffany Dunagan sitting at her designated workspace inside her Tiffin Motorhome RV

Working remotely is becoming an increasingly popular option for many people. And with better technology and more connectivity, being able to work from anywhere—including an RV—is getting easier and easier. Take it from us, we’ve been traveling and working full-time for nearly three years and never had any issues. Even if you have traditional, corporate jobs like us, there are plenty of ways to balance work and travel from the road. Here are three important considerations for working full-time from your RV.

  1. Plan Your Workspace

    Have a dedicated spot inside your RV that is specifically set-up for working. This might include the dinette booth, your kitchen counter or a standing desk in your main living area. Think about what items you regularly use for your job—will you need a printer, double monitors or a flat surface to write? Planning your workspace around these everyday, essential items will help maximize your space and keep you organized.

  2. Plan Your Connectivity 

    If you’re traveling full-time in your RV, you might find yourself in places that don’t have great cell service or any connectivity at all. To help ensure you have a good internet connection, we recommend a few things. First, get a portable WiFi device or hotspot. You can often buy these devices through your cell phone service provider, but we suggest buying one through a different provider. This way you’ll have extended coverage in case one provider has better service than the other. Second, if you really need fast, stable internet, consider buying a satellite and data plan. We have a small Starlink internet satellite and it has given us extremely high-speed, low-latency connection in some of the most remote places.

  3. Plan Your Schedule

    Planning your work schedule not only includes your daily schedule for calls and meetings, but also any corporate travel that may be required. When possible, try to move locations during the mornings and evenings or on weekends to avoid driving and taking calls, as service may drop on the road. If your job requires a lot of travel or even just regularly-scheduled trips to a particular location, look at staying in places that are within one hour of an airport. 

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