Gabe & Rocio Rivero

THOR Ambassador Profile

Rocio and Gabe smile in front of their Class B RV parked by snow capped mountains.

Gabe and Rocio taking a selfie at Arches National Park

Gabe & Rocio

Gabe and Rocio, along with their two dogs Wilson and Journey, make up the Our Mixed Journey crew. Since 2018 they have driven over 60,000 miles in various RVs. The last 2.5 years have been spent crisscrossing the country in their Thor Motor Coach Sequence camper van—affectionately named Vinnie. As foodies and digital nomads touring the country in their Class B van, they are able to taste local dishes, work, hike, bike, and do countless outdoor activities with a different backyard to call home whenever they want. Simply put, they love RV life and all that it encompasses. That’s why they are so excited to bring you along on all their adventures, as they embark upon a second year sharing tips, tricks, and beautiful places as THOR Ambassadors.

Fun Facts About Gabe & Rocio

Where is your favorite place to visit in your RV?

Both: Too many to name, but our favorite national park to date is Glacier.

What’s your favorite emoji?

Gabe: 😎

Rocio: 🙌

What is something that always lifts your spirits?

Both: Hiking in nature.

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