Why We RV With Pets

Gabe and Rocio Rivero sitting outside their RV with their two dogs

Having an RV gives you a lot of freedom and flexibility, including the ability to bring your pets along for the ride. With an RV, you don’t have to worry about finding a pet-friendly hotel or a last-minute dog sitter. And while there may be some extra steps to take and items to pack, Gabe and Rocio promise that RVing with pets is absolutely worth it.

  1. What pets do you have with you in your Class B RV?

    We travel around in our Class B RV with two dogs (aka our fur babies). Wilson is a terrier mix that Rocio found on a beach in Puerto Rico, and Journey is a pitbull mix that we adopted from a shelter in California.

  2. What is the best part about RVing and traveling with your dogs?

    There is nothing better than being out in nature with our dogs—we can’t picture our RV life without them. With an RV, we never have to worry about bringing them along or having to find a hotel that allows dogs. Wilson and Journey are great travel companions and they help us feel safe on the road. They also love being outside more than we do, and it brings us so much joy to see how happy they get when they can run around, jump in the water or go on a hike with us. And if the weather is bad, having your dogs to cuddle with and watch a movie is ideal.

    Gabe and Rocio Rivero kissing with their dogs at their feet

  3. What features of your Class B make traveling with pets easier?

    The main sliding door on our Class B RV has a screen, which is great for keeping the dogs inside, while still allowing them a chance to see outside and fresh air to circulate. We also have an outdoor shower that is perfect for rinsing the dogs off and keeping our interior clean. Remote-controlled air conditioning is great if we ever have to leave Wilson and Journey inside the RV on a hot day. And lastly, we have a tall storage unit right by the main sliding door that has two awesome features: a large drawer at the bottom to house their food bowls, and hanging storage nets for their toys, leashes and harnesses.

  4. What tips or advice do you have for traveling in an RV with pets?

    Traveling with pets does require some extra work. Not only do you have to pack all of your pet’s food, water and gear, but you also have to make sure your destination even allows pets. Many national parks don’t allow dogs inside the park or on any trails, but there are a few exceptions. White Sands in New Mexico, Cuyahoga Valley in Ohio and Acadia in Maine allow leashed pets on hiking trails. Always double check the laws and regulations before heading out, including any leash laws. Be sure and pack extra water for your pets, and make sure you have some pet-friendly items in your first aid kit. Gauze, hydrogen peroxide and an eye dropper are good items to have in case your pet gets sick or injured.

    Gabe Rivero walking outside of his RV with his dogs on a leash

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