How To Maximize Storage In A Class B Van

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You might be thinking, isn’t a Class B camper van too small? Well, as former fifth wheel RV owners, we’re here to tell you that a Class B can still store a lot of stuff, you just have to be smart about how and what to pack. We’ve had our Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20L for almost three years and we’ve learned a lot about how to maximize the space and utilize all of the different storage options. Here are some of our best tips for packing big in a small space.

  1. Utilize The Front Cab

    You might not think to utilize the front cab of your camper van for storage but this is a great place to start. There are a lot of small compartments and holders that can be used to house things other than sunglasses and drinks. For example, in our Thor Motor Coach Sequence, we have some overhead storage in the driving cab that is perfect for our “catch all” items. This can include our wallets, headphones, books, pens, tape, small tools, and chargers. We also converted the center console into our dogs’ personal storage bin. Since the console is pretty deep, it can easily store their food, toys and coats, which frees up valuable cabinet and drawer space in the kitchen area. And don’t forget to take advantage of any open space in between the driver and passenger seats or underneath the center console. This is where we keep our leveling blocks since it’s super convenient and easy to access. Lastly, be sure to utilize the holders on the inside of the driver and passenger doors. These are perfect for holding shoes and water bottles.

  2. Add Nets, Shelves And Hooks To Vertical Spaces

    When you’re dealing with a smaller space, it’s always a good idea to prioritize vertical organization and storage. This way, you can maximize any open walls and keep things off the counters. We’ve installed some small nets by the sliding door to hold dog leashes, keys and extra shoes. We also bought some vertical organizers that simply hook onto the back of the driver and passenger seats. These are great for holding books, iPads, cleaning supplies, even snacks and drinks.

  3. Fill Your Microwave And Sink During Travel Days

    The kitchen inside a Class B camper van can be pretty small, so every little space matters! During travel days, we like to use our sink and microwave as storage to hold any loose items that we keep on our counter—dish soap, a coffee pot, a small blender, and cooking utensils. Just be sure to wrap any fragile items in a dish towel before you store it. If you’re like us, you might not even use your microwave. We rarely use ours and prefer to cook outside or on the stove. This way, we can utilize the space inside of the microwave to hold extra dishes, plates, mixing bowls, and bulkier food items.

  4. Use Bins And Shelves Inside Cabinets

    Whenever you’re stocking the cabinets and cupboards inside of your camper van, we highly recommend adding bins and shelves. This will keep loose items contained and it allows you to stack things on top of each other. This is especially useful for food items, since many are often packaged in large, bulky boxes or containers that take up more space than needed. Another thing we’ve added to our cabinets is non-slip pads. You can usually buy these in rolls and cut them to whatever size you need. These pads are great for keeping things in place and preventing any movement during travel days.

  5. Place Bulky Items In Vacuum Storage Bags

    We’ve been able to fit outdoor gear, winter jackets, linens, extra pillows, and towels underneath our camper van’s bed, and it’s all thanks to vacuum bags. Vacuum bags are ideal for compressing large, bulky items, and the bags can easily be layered on top of each other. They can also act as cushioning to help keep other items from moving around, and many of the bags are waterproof. We highly recommend investing in some vacuum bags, especially for any under bed storage space.

  6. Try To Keep Like Items Together

    Efficiency is another important aspect for organizing and maximizing a small space. Things can quickly start to feel cluttered in a Class B. We also don’t want to waste time trying to find various tools and items in different places. A good way to help with this is to place like items together. For example, we have an open cubby on the floor in our rear bathroom. At first, we weren’t exactly sure how to utilize it but then we decided it would be the perfect place to store all of our tank and hook-up equipment. It holds all of our hoses, power cords, cleaning supplies, gloves, and hook-up accessories, and can easily be accessed right from the back of the van. Now, we always know exactly where our hook-up equipment is and it saves us time when we arrive at a campsite and when we leave.

  7. Consider Exterior Racks And Cargo Carriers

    Our Thor Motor Coach Sequence came with a dual bike rack, which sits right on the rear door and is perfect for holding our two bikes. If your camper van doesn’t come with a rear rack, and you have bikes or a lot of outdoor gear, we highly recommend installing one. Rear racks can typically hold between 20 and 50 pounds, but there are some heavier models that can hold closer to 80 pounds. One exterior storage solution that we did end up purchasing was a rooftop cargo carrier. This carrier has been invaluable and has nearly doubled the amount of stuff we can bring with us. We’ve filled ours with camp chairs, a small table, an inflatable paddle board, an outdoor mat, and so much more. If you’re considering buying a rooftop carrier, be sure to consult your dealer or a professional to ensure you have the proper roof racks to hold it and that you’re not getting something too big or too heavy.

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