Why I RV and Make Music

with Amick Cutler
Amick Cutler plays guitar by a desk in an RV.

Amick Cutler, along with his wife Christy and their three boys, live and travel in their RV full-time. Moving into an RV was led by the Cutler family’s desire to spend more time together and live a more balanced life. And while they did achieve this goal, Amick also achieved something pretty remarkable—he rediscovered his love for music and songwriting. The RV—and everywhere it transports the Cutler family—has become the ultimate source of inspiration and fuels Amick’s endless musical creativity.

A fifth wheel RV driving down a bridge through mountains.
What made you decide to buy an RV?

My family and I have always loved traveling but maintaining an expensive home made it harder to explore as much as we wanted to. After switching to remote work and doing that for many years, it just occurred to me one day: If we can work anywhere, why don’t we? And so we went for it.

Two boys getting ready for bed in their bunk beds in an RV.
What kind of RV do you own and what do you like about it?

We own a 2017 Dutchmen Denali fifth wheel. It was important for us to find a bunkhouse that could house our three kids, but we also didn’t want our rig to be too big and surpass any state or national park sizing restrictions. We looked for months and just couldn’t find one that suited us and was under 34 feet. Then one day out of the blue, the most perfect 32-foot Dutchmen Denali popped up and it was so incredible we bought it on-site. We absolutely love the floor plan and the (relatively) compact size.

The Cutler family relaxes in bed in the morning.
What was it like adjusting to your RV?

Leaving behind a 2,300 square foot house with four bedrooms was an adjustment. Losing all of that space was challenging at first, but my family and I made a point to write down the reasons why the adjustments were hard. Seeing it there in writing made us realize that all the reasons were things we could handle and grow through. I think we are better people and a closer family for pushing through it.

Amick Cutler sets up recording equipment inside his RV by a desk.
How does your RV allow you to pursue your dreams?

Our RV helped us find a balance between time and money. After jumping into the RV lifestyle full- time, we realized it took a lot less money to fund our new way of life. And, in turn, we had a lot more free time. This free time opened up countless hours for me to pursue my passion of songwriting. The hundreds of songs that have come out of me while on the road have opened up even more doors for me to license my music for TV and film. This simply would’ve never happened if we hadn’t decided to RV full-time.

Young boys play and ride bikes in front of an RV near a river.
What’s your favorite RV memory so far?

One of my favorite memories just happened this year. Due to travel restrictions and shelter-in-place orders, my family and I got stuck on a lake in Alabama for two months. There were a few other RVers in the area as well, and we started to get to know one another—bonding over the shared experience of not knowing what was going to happen or how long we’d all have to be there. Many people were scared and needed hope. To help lift spirits, I began playing music for everyone several days a week. I would set-up my sound system, invite people to sit outside their RVs, and then I would just sing. Looking back on that, it’s incredible that something that seemed really dire at the time ended up bringing a group of strangers together. We became like family.

Amick Cutler travels in a 2017 Dutchmen Denali Fifth Wheel.

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