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Features to Look For in a Fifth Wheel

Are you interested in purchasing a Fifth Wheel RV? Here are some features to look for while shopping.

Fifth wheels are known for their high quality, large amounts of space (both living and storage) and towing stability, making them an ideal choice for families, couples or anyone considering full-time or seasonal RVing. Compared to a travel trailer or lightweight camper, fifth wheels are typically larger and require a heavy truck for towing. However, you can find smaller fifth wheels—referred to as half-ton fifth wheels—that are lower in weight and can be towed by half-ton trucks. Across all fifth wheels, many owners claim that the unique hitch configuration allows for easier, smoother towing and a better-turning radius.

Regardless of what RV type you’re considering, it’s important to evaluate the different features and why these features might be valuable to you. So, if you’re thinking about buying a fifth wheel RV, here are some features to consider.

General Features

Storage capacity

Look at both the interior (cabinets, under-bed storage and multi-use spaces) and exterior storage (pass-through storage and accessibility). It is important to consider the types of activities your family enjoys, ensuring you have enough storage to accommodate any and all equipment. 

Ease of towing

Evaluate various towing packages to see what will work best with your tow vehicle. Look at what comes standard and any other options that would improve your experience, like back-up cameras, brake systems and suspension upgrades.

Ease of set-up

Look for features like automatic leveling systems, power stabilizers and power awnings.


Click around to discover some of the key interior features offered by fifth wheels.

Exterior Features

Click around to discover some of the key interior features offered by fifth wheels.

Premium Features

Built-in safety system

This can include driving systems, like blind spot sensors and tire pressure monitors, as well as security systems, like alarms and motion-sensing exterior lights.

Onboard generator

While some fifth wheels come with a standard onboard generator, others do not. You should ask what your options are for installing a generator pre or post purchase. It is important to know what you can run off the generator as opposed to when you are plugged into shore power.

Dual-wide axle

Compared to a single axle, dual-wide offers improved weight distribution and stability when towing.

Power tongue and stabilizing jacks

Makes setting up your fifth wheel easier and faster, and doesn’t require additional tools or manual levers to get your RV level and stable.

Fifth Wheels

Learn more about fifth wheels and discover why they might be the right RV type for you.

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