Why We RV: Kids Edition

Lane Family kids pose for a picture in front of their RV

You might think that living in a small space with your family would be challenging. But according to the Lane siblings, Ava, Audrey, Own, and Everett, traveling in an RV long-term has brought them closer together and allowed them to meet plenty of friends. Here’s why these kids love staying in an RV and plan to continue the lifestyle when they’re older.

Ava Lane working on the computer with her mom and sister

Ava (17):

My favorite thing about the RV is just being able to take it everywhere and being able to park it anywhere. Traveling in an RV has also brought my family closer. My siblings and I were already pretty close but I didn't always get along with my younger sister. I mean, we still don't always get along but we do a lot more than we did in our house. We can't really leave each other, so we either have to get along or be miserable. Another great thing about being in an RV is that you get to meet so many different types of people. We have some friends that are from England and Australia—we've met people from all over. And what’s really cool is that we’re all living a similar lifestyle, so it makes it a lot easier to get along.

Audrey Lane playing a ukulele on her bunk bed

Audrey (14):

I love traveling long-term in an RV because the places you get to see and the people you get to meet are just amazing. My sister and I also have our own room in the RV, which is great because we can get away from our brothers or from our mom and dad if we want to be alone. When I’m older and I get married, I’m hoping that my husband and I can get a camper van and do van life.

The Lane boys riding skateboards outside of their RV

Owen (12):

I love traveling in an RV because you get your schoolwork done during the day, and then you can go outside and play or hang out with your siblings. It feels like you can literally do anything. That’s probably my favorite thing about the RV—being able to go wherever you want and stay anywhere you want. You also get to meet a lot of new people. I’ve met a lot of adults, people younger than me, people older than me, people who like different things than me, and people who like the same things as me. It’s cool being able to meet so many different types of people.

The Lane Boys play video games on the couch in the living room of their RV

Everett (10):

I love staying in an RV because I get to see the outdoors and play a lot. I get to meet a lot of new people on the road and I usually get to see them again. If I meet a new friend, I’ll just tell my mom that I want to see them again and then we can plan to meet up at the same RV park. And when I’m older, I’ll probably take my RV on vacation with my kids.

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