Class B Camper Van

Class B Camper Van

Class B Camper Van

Class B motorhomes are small, streamlined and ready to roll. Nimble and more fuel efficient than Class C motorhomes, Class B motorhomes offer living space best suited for small groups. Most Class B motorhomes do not offer slide outs yet still offer luxurious amenities like galley kitchens, beds and restrooms.

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Think of them as the little sister to the Class C, though just as capable and comfy. Often called Camper Vans, Class B motorhomes are built using automotive vans or panel trucks. Due to their smaller size, they can conveniently double as your everyday driver.

The sleek, modern design of the Class B utilizes every square inch of interior space to pack a whole lot of goodies into a compact area. Conveniences include a full kitchen, flush toilet and shower, overhead air-conditioning, power inverter, TV and entertainment center as well many offer a auxiliary generator for extended off-the-grid camping. In other words, just like the larger Class A and Class C, the Class B camper van is fully self-contained. 

Some advantages of the Class B motorhome include:

  • Ideal for narrow roads and congested streets
  • Simple to maneuver, park and turn around
  • Often fits in your garage for secure storage
  • Ability for adult passengers to access conveniences like bathroom and refrigerator while the motorhome is moving
  • Chassis and engine service available at many automotive dealerships
  • Equipped with a hitch to tow a trailer or “dingy” but with less capacity than an A or C Class motorhome

General Specs

Length: About 21 to 24feet

Sleeps: Usually 2

Frequently Asked Questions About Class B RVs

What is the difference between a Class B RV and Van Conversion?

The self-contained features of a Class B will distinguish it from a conversion van. Self-contained means that the RV will provide the necessities to live comfortably for several days without external electrical, water, or sewer connections. Frequently this includes toilet facilities, freshwater storage, wastewater holding tank, refrigerator, cooking appliance, furnace for heat, and 12-volt storage battery.

What is the difference between a Class B RV and a Class C RV?

A Class B is usually smaller and more fuel-efficient than a Class C. Because of its size and car-like characteristics, some consider a Class B easier to drive. A Class C offers more interior living space and more exterior storage.

Where can I park a Class B RV?

Typically under 20-feet in length, most Class B motorhomes can be parked anywhere you can park a car or van. Be aware that Class B motorhomes are taller than a van or SUV and will require more clearance height.

How do you level a Class B RV?

Using a bubble level as reference, place leveling blocks beneath the wheels to level the RV front to back and side to side. Making the RV near level is essential not only for comfort but for proper operation of the refrigerator and plumbing system.

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