Class C Motorhome

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Class C Motorhome

Class C motorhomes offer outdoor experiences for larger families at a lower price point than Class A Motorcoaches. Recognizable by their raised sleeping or storage areas which extend over the cab of the RV, Class C Motorhomes offer more living space than Class B Motorhomes but are smaller in size and can offer better gas mileage than Class A Motorcoaches.

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Class C motorhomes can be full-size, compact or super-sized. The most popular are those built on a full-A sized cutaway van chassis like the Ford E350/E450 and the Chevy Express. Growing in popularity are compact Cs, featuring a Ford Transit or Mercedes cutaway chassis. The Super-C is the big-daddy of this group and utilizes the Ford F550 or Freightliner chassis. 

A gasoline-engine powers most Class Cs, although some, including those built on the Mercedes chassis and Super-C type, are powered by a front-engine diesel. 

General Specs:

Length: Usually 24 to 32 feet

Sleeps: Up to 11 depending on the floor plan

No matter what type of Class C you are interested in, the advantages include:

  • Frequently shorter in length and not as tall, making them more maneuverable for getting in and out of tight places
  • Ability for adult passengers to access conveniences like bathroom and refrigerator while the motorhome is moving
  • Most have at least one slide-out to increase living and storage space
  • Some models offer a toy hauler capability, making it easy to transport ATVs, bikes or kayaks
  • Chassis and engine services are available at many automotive dealerships
  • Compared to Class A, Class Cs have a somewhat limited towing capacity for hauling a cargo, trailer, or a “dingy” (the exception being the Super C, which has towing capacity rivaling many Class A motorhomes)

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