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with Dustin and Sarah Bauer
Dustin and Sarah's Tiffin Wayfarer driving down the road

Dustin and I are no strangers to RVing. We went on our first RV trip 13 years ago and have been hooked ever since. We’ve always loved to camp, hike and mountain bike, but have recently added another outdoor hobby—packrafting. Our Tiffin Wayfarer has taken us to some of the most beautiful lakes, rivers and streams in and around Colorado. If there’s a blue line on the map, we’ll find it and raft it. And best of all? With our RV, we never feel limited on where we can go, how long we can stay or how much we can bring with us.

An ariel view of Dustin and Sarah's RV with all of their biking and rafting gear laid out

What made you decide to buy an RV? 

RVing has been mine and Dustin’s preferred method of travel since the day we got married. We love the flexibility and freedom it provides. Nothing beats sleeping in your own bed every night, being able to travel with your dogs, eating from a full-stocked kitchen, and having all of your stuff with you everywhere you go. Dustin and I are very active and often travel with a lot of adventure gear, so this last part is really important to us. Plus, we found that packrafts fit perfectly in the underbelly compartment. When you have your home with you, you have endless options of where and when to hit the road.

Dustin and Sarah's Tiffin Wayfarer RV parked at a campsite next to a lake

What kind of RV do you own and what do you like about it? 

We own a 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RW. When we decided to sell our old fifth wheel and get a new RV, we knew we wanted something smaller, motorized and with plenty of storage space for our mountain bikes, hiking gear and packrafts. The ability to camp and drive through national parks was also a must, so we had to be super cognizant of length (some parks have a limit of 26 feet). We looked for two years before ultimately settling on our Tiffin, a Class C RV. We absolutely love the Wayfarer model because it gives us the maneuverability of a Class B but has the amenities and luxury of a much larger RV. It also came equipped with a generator, solar power and an inverter to help us get off the grid—something we’re super keen on doing whenever we camp.

Dustin and Sarah hiking near a river

How often do you RV? Are you a full-timer or do you take weekend trips?

Dustin and I consider ourselves to be RV “half-timers.” While we do have a homebase and careers in Colorado, we are out in our RV nearly every weekend and often take long trips that cover multiple states. We are fortunate to own a business and have an incredible team in-place, both of which allow us to travel frequently and explore new hobbies.

Dustin and Sarah carrying their packrafts to water next to their Tiffin Wayfarer

How do you like to camp while packrafting? Do you boondock or stay at RV parks?

To us, packrafting and RVing go hand in hand. Both Dustin and I are naturally drawn to water activities, so we almost exclusively pick RV sites near lakes or rivers. Oftentimes, due to the close proximity to water, these spots end up being unpaved and without any hookups—which we actually prefer! Boondocking usually comes with more privacy, a deeper connection to nature and more scenic views. We love the ability to just push our rafts into the water right after breakfast, hike and explore during the day, and then raft again at sunset. We always felt like there was more to see beyond the standard foot and bike trails, and packrafting has opened up a totally new world.

Dustin and Sarah look at a map sitting in the dinette inside their Tiffin Wayfarer

How does RVing enable you to do what you love?

With an RV, we believe there is no better way to immerse yourself in nature while still having all the comfort and conveniences of home. Dustin and I love that we can just pull over nearly anywhere and jump out for a quick hike or bike ride. Or, if we’re camped near a lake, we can take our packrafts on a hike and then raft back to our campsite. Having an RV also provides us with the ability to cook and eat more nutritious foods—we can pack and prep exactly what we want and not be reliant on restaurants or fast food. Both Dustin and I are cancer survivors, and so having healthy bodies and the proper energy to do the things we love is personally very important to us.

Dustin and Sarah travel in a 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer.

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