How To Decorate Your RV To Fit Your Personality

Using THOR’s Lifestyle Explorer quiz results, this interior designer offers advice for decorating an RV to fit your unique personality. 
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As an interior designer, I’ve learned that most people like to decorate their spaces according to their individual personalities, interests and hobbies. And this is no different when it comes to RV living! Traveling nomads have become more inspired to sprinkle who they are into their home on wheels.

I recently took THOR's Lifestyle Explorer quiz, which gives you an “Adventure Persona” based on how you like to travel, your hobbies and places you like to visit (no surprise, my Adventure Persona is The Memory Maker). This got me thinking about how different travelers might style their RV and what products I'd recommend for each.

So first, head on over to the Lifestyle Explorer quiz to find your Adventure Persona. Then meet me back here, where I’ll break down how to decorate your RV and show off your unique style.

THOR's Lifestyle Explorer

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The Green Guardian

The Green Guardian is the most eco-friendly traveler, with a passion for leaving their destination better than they found it. You will likely find them in a smaller, more efficient RV—possibly a Class B camper van or a lightweight travel trailer that they can tow with a smaller vehicle. They would decorate their RV in a way that reflects their commitment to sustainability and reducing waste. 

They might opt for furniture and decor made from recycled or upcycled materials, such as reclaimed wood. To set their dinner table, you might see Earth-toned recycled bamboo dinnerware and stainless steel straws to cut down on paper waste. They may also incorporate natural elements throughout their RV, like plants, stones and shells, to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

Additionally, the Green Guardian traveler would choose to equip their RV with energy-efficient lighting, a portable RV solar charging kit and low-flow showerheads. By selecting decor and products that prioritize sustainability, an eco-friendly traveler can create a cozy and inviting space while minimizing their environmental impact.

The Adrenaline Junkie

The Adrenaline Junkie is always looking for their next epic adventure. This on-the-go traveler would most likely be seen in a toy hauler or larger towable that allows them to bring all of their outdoor gear. They would likely decorate their RV with a focus on functionality and practicality. They would prioritize creating a space that can withstand the wear and tear of their adventurous lifestyle, while still being comfortable and inviting. 

The Adrenaline Junkie’s home on wheels may include items such as a heavy-duty boot scraper, durable waterproof flooring, stain-resistant upholstery, and extra storage compartments for gear. They may also incorporate elements that reflect their love for adventure, such as wall art featuring action sports or a map of their favorite off-road trails. If they have a toy hauler, the garage area may feature a custom ramp, a tie-down system for securing their toys during travel and an auxiliary gas tank for fueling up after a long day on the trails. 

The living area may include a workbench and additional tool storage for any repairs. But at the end of the day, an Adrenaline Junkie’s best stories will be shared around a portable fire pit, while they sit in a relaxing high-back chair and enjoy a cold beverage from a large cooler. Overall, their decor would balance function and style, providing a practical and comfortable space to rest and recharge in between adventures.

The Memory Maker

The Memory Maker loves nothing more than being with their friends and family, and ensuring everyone around them is having a good time. They would make their RV cozy and homey by incorporating personal touches and decor that reflects their warm personality. You’ll likely see them in an RV with lots of different sleeping spaces, possibly with bunks or convertible dinettes and sofas. These sleeping spaces would be full of comfortable pillows and blankets to create a welcoming atmosphere. They may opt for soft lighting and cozy furnishings. On the walls and shelves, you’ll find photos in light-weight frames, colorful artwork and souvenirs from their past trips. In the kitchen, they may use decorative storage containers and put their favorite dishes or cooking utensils on display. 

To create a comfortable outdoor space where guests can socialize, they may choose to put out oversized chairs, large RV mats and string lights. By incorporating plenty of personal touches, the Memory Maker can turn their RV into an inviting home-away-from-home, perfect for creating new memories and cherishing old ones.

The Pet Parent

Calling all dog and cat lovers! Wherever the Pet Parent goes, their furry friends are along for the ride. They would decorate and design their RV with their pets in mind, prioritizing a safe and comfortable space. Many RVs now come with built-in pet crates, ramps and food bowls—all of which the Pet Parent will likely have. 

The decor inside the RV would include durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as vinyl flooring and leather or stain-resistant upholstery—these are great for helping withstand the wear and tear of pet claws and accidents. They may also opt for removable seat covers or a stylish throw blanket to make furniture cleaning and maintenance easier. 

The Pet Parent might also upgrade their thermostat to a wireless model so they can monitor the temperatures in the RV and quickly return home incase of a power outage or a tripped breaker. Outside the RV, they may use a portable playpen so their furry friends can have a confined space to play, and an elevated pet bed to keep their pets out of the dirt. Every detail in the RV would prioritize a comfortable, welcoming space for humans and animals alike.

The Free Bird

The Free Bird is an empty nester that is ready to fully relax and unwind. You’ll likely see them in a more luxurious rig, such as a Fifth Wheel, Class A or even a Super C. Their RV would be decorated and designed with the goal of creating a comfortable and functional living space for this new chapter in their life. They may choose a minimalist design with clean lines and neutral colors, focusing on simplicity and functionality. 

The RV may include a designated workspace or hobby area, such as a fold-out desk or a crafting table. The decor may include personal touches, such as family photos or artwork collected over the years, to create a sense of nostalgia and connection to their past. They may also incorporate comfortable seating for relaxation and socializing with fellow travelers. They might upgrade to some of the finer decor touches, like a kitchen island pendant or multi-colored electric fireplace

Additionally, luxury appliances such as a gas range stove and dishwasher would help them have all of the comforts of home on the road. Overall, the design and decor would reflect the Free Bird’s desire for comfort, functionality, and the freedom to explore new destinations and experiences.

The Entertainer

The Entertainer is the person you want to be friends with in the campground. Accommodating and fun are their middle names. Someone who likes to entertain would decorate and design their RV with the goal of creating a welcoming and comfortable space for guests. 

Their RV would definitely have an outdoor cooking space and entertainment system. They may opt for an open floor plan with a spacious living area that can easily accommodate a group of friends. The decor may include comfortable seating, such as a sectional sofa or recliners, and a large dining table or breakfast bar to encourage socializing and gathering. The decor may also incorporate fun and playful elements, such as a built-in entertainment center or a sound system for playing music. 

Outdoor space is also a priority, with an awning and outdoor seating area for serving up a neighborhood breakfast using a breakfast griddle kit. Evening ambiance is definitely key, so it would be no surprise to see the Entertainer making some pies in a pizza oven underneath outdoor string lights. In terms of design, the Entertainer may opt for bold colors and statement pieces, such as unique art or a colorful rug, to create a visually stimulating and inviting space. Overall, the design and decor would reflect their desire for an RV that can easily transition from a comfortable living space to a fun and lively gathering spot for friends and family.

The Year-Round Rambler

For the Year-Round Rambler, there is no such thing as a “travel season”—you can catch them RVing any and every day of the year. Anyone who loves all-season outdoor activities would decorate their RV to reflect their adventurous lifestyle.

The decor would prioritize functionality and practicality, with durable and weather-resistant materials that can withstand the rigors of their outdoor activities. They may opt for a warm and cozy, cabin-like feel, with wood paneling, warm lighting and plush furnishings. Their RV may include multiple storage solutions for all of their outdoor gear, such as a dedicated gear closet or built-in closets for skis, fishing poles and climbing gear. 

The design may also incorporate elements of nature, such as natural wood accents or landscape-inspired wall art. The exterior of RV may include features that cater to their outdoor lifestyle, such as a bumper-mounted ski and kayak racks, portable RV skirting and heated fresh water hoses. Overall, the decor and design would reflect the Rear-Round Rambler's love for adventure and the outdoors, creating a space that is both functional and comfortable for their favorite outdoor activities.

The Weekend Warrior

The Weekend Warrior prioritizes quick and easy getaways. Their goal is to create a comfortable space that allows them to hit the road for weekend trips. You’d likely find the Weekend Warrior in a small motorized RV, or a towable RV that offers easy set-up and take-down. 

The decor would prioritize convenience and practicality, with some comforts of home. The RV may include modular furniture that can easily be moved and reconfigured to suit their needs, such as a convertible sofa bed or a fold-out table. The design may also incorporate smart storage solutions, such as built-in cabinets and drawers, to make the most of the limited space. The decor may be simple and streamlined, with neutral colors and minimalist accents that create a sense of calm and relaxation.

The RV may also include features that cater to their on-the-go lifestyle, such a portable Blackstone grill and an ice maker. An additional item to ensure their weekend is seamless is a wireless backup camera, as they do not want to waste any time getting in and out of a campsite before they hit the road again.

The Digital Nomad

The Digital Nomad knows what it means to work and play, and their RV design would maximize form and function to ensure they can successfully work remotely from the road. They may opt for an RV that has a floor plan with sectioned-off rooms, like a fifth wheel, travel trailer or a toy hauler, to help create a dedicated office space. 

Items like a lithium portable power station would be hidden behind their minimalistic outdoor set-up. Or perhaps they would take their office outside and use an outdoor screen shelter instead. The decor may include comfortable seating, such as an ergonomic chair or a cozy couch, and soft lighting to create a calm and inviting atmosphere. 

The RV may also include features that cater to their digital lifestyle, such as a high-speed internet source from Starlink Roam. Overall, the design and decor would reflect the digital nomad's desire for a functional and productive workspace that allows them to work remotely while still enjoying the freedom and flexibility of life on the road.

The Solo Adventurer

The Solo Adventurer is a true nomad, preferring to go wherever and whenever they please. And being just one person, their RV would likely be small and nimble, offering just the right amount of space for one person and maybe a pet or two. 

The Solo Adventurer would decorate their RV with the goal of creating a comfortable and personal living space that reflects their adventurous spirit and love for exploring new places. The decor would prioritize simplicity and flexibility, with a set-up under the stars that might include a hammock, an outdoor butterfly chair and a portable fire pit

Their RV may include multi-purpose furniture, with bold and playful elements, such as bright colors or unique artwork, to create a sense of fun and whimsy. The decor may also incorporate personal mementos and travel souvenirs, such as postcards or photographs. The RV may also include features that cater to their on-the-go lifestyle, such as a compact kitchenette or a solar power source for off-grid living. Overall, the design and decor would reflect the Solo Adventurer’s desire for a comfortable living space that allows them to relax and unwind, with the functionality to spontaneously travel anywhere their heart desires.

I hope this has given you an idea of many different types of personas there are when it comes to RV functionality and style. And don’t forget to check out the Lifestyle Explorer quiz to find out what kind of traveler you are. Perhaps this will help you design and style your own home on wheels!

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