Class B Motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are small, streamlined, and ready to go.

Like Class A motorhomes, the living space and driving space are together in one unit, but Class B models are much more compact and nimble. Class B motorhomes are easy to drive, achieve great fuel efficiency, and still offer luxurious amenities like galley kitchens, beds, and restrooms. This makes them perfect for short trips to nearby destinations or longer trips for two.

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  • Easiest RV type to drive and park
  • Most compact motorized RV type
  • Interiors feature luxurious kitchens, beds, and bathrooms
  • Can be more affordable than other RV types
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Can tow additional vehicle or boat


  • Less living space than other RV types
  • Storage space can be limited
  • Some amenities are limited or excluded
  • Sleeping space is often converted lounge space only
  • Driving area takes up front portion
  • Ideal for short trips but not full-time living

Class B Motorhome Features

Class B motorhomes are small, nimble, and perfect for taking short adventures and excursions, without ever having to rough it.

  • Galley kitchens with versatile storage
  • Convertible, lie-flat sleeping
  • Luxurious finishes
  • On-board restrooms with showers
  • Interior and exterior entertainment systems
  • Specially designed storage for luggage and gear


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