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In a world where many endeavor to sandwich an exhausting, overpacked 2-week vacation between deadlines, family time, and a thousand chores, we chose a different route. Welcome to the wonderful world of RV life, where our home on wheels, Vincent Van-Go, or Vinnie as we like to call him, is our trusted companion on the road less traveled.

Welcome To Our RV!

While we are proud first-time homeowners in the beautiful state of North Carolina, as virtual nomads working and enjoying life at our own pace, our Class B van feels like our true home. Along with our two dogs, Wilson and Journey, we've embraced the freedom of the RV lifestyle, and our 2021 Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20L has taken us to places we never imagined.

From crisscrossing the continental US to the vast landscapes of Canada and Alaska, in this article, we’re going to share all the ways that Vinnie has been the perfect combination of rolling apartment and office through the ins and outs of living life on wheels, where every turn brings a new discovery.

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Why We Chose a Class B RV

The choice of a Class B RV has been instrumental in our pursuit of a life filled with adventure, work, and nature. Its nimble and easy driving capabilities have allowed us to navigate both the bustling streets of major cities and the serene paths leading to nature's wonders. For novices in the RV world, Class B camper vans offer the perfect balance between maneuverability and comfort, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a blend of exploration and convenience.

We chose to look into van life during the height of the pandemic when we were staying in our previous RV, a fifth wheel that we loved and called home for a couple of years. With places closing all over the country and the size of a fifth wheel making quick moves harder, we decided to look into a Class B for shorter weekend trips out into nature.

We wanted something smaller, easy to drive, and could get us to all those amazing places we wanted to see while maintaining the ability to move at a moment’s notice. At under 22 feet long and under 10 feet high, we found a perfect match in Vinnie.

A Tour of Our THOR Sequence 20L (Vincent Van-Go)

  1. The Perfect Size

    Stepping into Vinnie is like entering a compact, yet surprisingly spacious, home on wheels. While there are several layouts to choose from, the Sequence 20L with its twin beds that convert to a near-king size bed makes it perfect for the two of us and our four-legged kiddos.

    Gabe and Rocio Rivero's near-king conversion bed inside their Thor Motor Coach Sequence.

  2. The Heart of the Home

    The kitchenette with our “magic fridge” as we like to call it, allows us to stuff enough food for a week, and our convection microwave and two cooktop burners allow us to make delicious home-cooked meals anywhere we decide to call home for a night or three.

    Gabe Rivero cooking on the gas burner stovetop inside his Thor Motor Coach Sequence.

  3. All the Essentials

    The two house batteries combined with solar panels on the roof, a generator under the chassis, and an alternator when we’re driving, all ensure that our energy needs are taken care of, and the comforts of home are just an arm's reach away wherever we are. Throw in an A/C, water heater, furnace, and built-in Wi-fi hotspot, and life on the road means pure happiness to us. We can even stream one of our favorite shows or movies when we feel like being lazy or the weather doesn’t want to cooperate.

    Vinnie also comes with a 26-gallon freshwater tank, a 13-gallon grey water tank for showers and dishes, and a 13-gallon black tank for the less glamorous bathroom jobs. Speaking of bathrooms, the large wet bath at the rear of the van is one of our favorite features, because there’s just something special about having our own toilet and hot shower no matter what environment we find ourselves in.

    A TV on a swivel-mount and built-in Wi-Fi makes movies in bed easy inside Gabe and Rocio Rivero's Thor Motor Coach Sequence.

  4. Virtual Office

    Vinnie has been the cornerstone of our virtual nomad lifestyle with over 70,000 miles on the road together, and we have truly embraced that lifestyle because of him. Our tiny yet mighty class B has helped redefine our concept of work and life balance because the ability to park our home anywhere has been a game-changer.

    This lifestyle is not just about the places we've visited but about the freedom it represents; the freedom to work in the most scenic locations and the flexibility to move at our own pace. Inside Vinnie, we're equipped with everything we need to stay connected to our work and to the world, all the while being surrounded by the inspirations of nature. This blend of work and wanderlust is the essence of the virtual nomad lifestyle, and Vinnie has been our key to proving that life doesn't have to be stationary to be fulfilling.

    Gabe and Rocio Rivero working on laptops outside of their Thor Motor Coach Sequence.

The Journey So Far

In our 70,000+ miles, we have been lucky enough to explore the vast landscapes of the lower 48 from pristine coastlines to mountain peaks, we’ve jumped in the Arctic Ocean off Canada’s Northwest Territories, and we’ve even walked on a glacier near the top of the tallest mountain in North America.

We’ve enjoyed morning coffees looking out our bedroom window in cities, vineyards, and national parks, and have had up-close encounters with bears, wolves, moose, caribou, and more.

And the literal driving force that made all those backyards possible was Vinnie.

As we continue our journey with Vinnie, we invite you to consider the roads less traveled, the adventures waiting around the bend, and the freedom that a Class B RV can bring to your life. While the destinations may vary, the experiences and the growth that come with them are universal. Here's to the roads that lie ahead and the stories waiting to be told.

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