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Bailey and Nicole Damberg

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Hi, We're The Dambergs!

My wife and I are going on four years of traveling in an RV, and this past year we upgraded our RV from a travel trailer to a Dutchmen Astoria 3173RLP fifth wheel—which has completely changed the way we travel. High ceilings, residential appliances, and a spacious bathroom are just a few reasons we love our new fifth wheel.

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Questions We Considered When Buying Our Astoria

  1. What is our primary goal when traveling? 

    Our main goal when traveling is to do and see as much as possible, and we’d love to travel to all of the lower 48 states. This meant finding a size that could fit most places. Thirty-six feet is on the larger size, but for a fifth wheel, the length is right in the middle, allowing for enough space to feel at home while on the road without limiting ourselves to destinations that can’t accommodate bigger RVs.

  2. What can we tow with the vehicle we currently have?

    Our tow vehicle is a RAM 2500 truck, and we feel comfortable towing our fifth wheel with this. It simplified the equation to keep our current tow vehicle and just focus on finding a new RV because it helped narrow our options.


    Bailey and Nicole Damberg standing in front of their Dutchmen Astoria Fifth wheel in front of mountains

  3. What features will make the biggest difference when on the road?

    Finally, we considered features we did have or felt we were missing in the travel trailer we had before the Astoria 3173RLP. Having a living space with furniture facing the TV was important to us. You never realize how nice it is to sit and watch a TV head-on until that opportunity is taken away. The recliners in our fifth wheel are perfect for cozy nights in with snacks and a movie. 

    The Astoria has a spacious bathroom and comes with an on-demand water heater. In my wife’s opinion, this was the biggest upgrade from our previous unit to the Astoria. You can shower with hot water for much longer and even get ready without banging your knees. All of this was important to us in helping our RV feel livable on long trips.

The RV Right For Our Lifestyle

In one year, our Dutchmen Astoria fifth wheel has taken us coast to coast.—from the moss and fog-covered shores of Washington to the rocky edge of the Maine coast. As a couple seeking adventure during extended travel, the medium length, upgraded Dutchmen features, and spaciousness you get in a fifth wheel due to raised ceiling heights make this RV the best fit for us. 

We value bringing our pets, two dogs and two cats, along on this journey. Two people could easily fit in a smaller space, but those extra feet provide ample room for our furry babies to join us on the couch, stretch out after a hike, and fit the kitties’ litter accommodations. What more could you ask for?

Fifth Wheels

This camping trailer affectionately nicknamed a “Fiver” is a favorite of many, especially those taking extended trips in their RV. The prominent overhang resting above the tow truck bed is frequently employed as a bedroom suite, or, more recently, a living room or even a kitchen.  

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