Welcome To Our New RV

Thor Motor Coach Delano RV Tour

Welcome to Our New RV: The 2021 Thor Motor Coach Delano 24RW

Welcome to our new home on wheels! We're thrilled to give you a virtual tour of our latest adventure companion, the 2021 Thor Motor Coach Delano 24RW. 

For those who have followed along on our RV journey, don’t worry, we still have Vinnie! If you’re new to our fun yet crazy adventures, we did a similar RV Tour of our beloved 2021 Thor Sequence 20L, which we now rent out in the Salt Lake City area for others to experience when we’re not taking him on the road ourselves. 

While Vinnie is our tiny yet mighty Class B campervan ready for any rugged adventure the West has to offer, this time, we've gone with a slightly larger, yet still incredibly versatile RV that perfectly fits our travel lifestyle.  

Why We Chose the 2021 Thor Motor Coach Delano 24RW

Our search for the perfect RV was both exciting and thorough. Having fallen in love with the mobility and freedom that Vinnie and van-life have to offer, we knew we wanted something drivable and easy to maneuver, but with a bit more space.

We wanted the best of both worlds between the extra space and storage a Class C motorhome has to offer and the easy stress-free travel days that a Class B campervan provides. After months of research, the Thor Motor Coach Delano 24RW caught our eye with its perfect balance of size, features, and functionality.  

Let’s Head Inside 

Inside, the RV offers even more storage than our Class B van, and having gone on multi-season trips in Vinnie with no issues, this ensures all our belongings really have a proper place. 

The kitchen is equipped with a double-door refrigerator and a propane cooktop with two burners, perfect for a fast sandwich on the go or a full home-cooked meal for family and friends. 

For entertainment, there are two flat-screen TVs—one in the living room and one in the bedroom. 

The Delano also boasts a 15-foot power awning with integrated LED lighting, providing a great outdoor living space.

 Lastly, the dry bath, with its separate shower, sink, and toilet, offers a more comfortable and convenient bathroom experience. 

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Our Favorite Features

  1. Size and Maneuverability

    At under 26 feet, we feel comfortable driving almost anywhere, because the RV is tiny and responsive on the road. 

  2. Slides and Interior Space

    The two slides create a spacious living area for us and our two dogs, Wilson and Journey.  (Bonus for accessibility when the slides are in.) 

    Gabe Rivero lounges on the couch inside his Thor Motor Coach Delano Class C Motorhome.

  3. Bathroom

    Having a separate bathroom space for showers provides a more comfortable and convenient experience, especially on longer trips. 

  4. A Full-Time Bedroom

    Having our own separate space to sleep that is just a button away on the slide is great and adds that really homey feel. 

    The bedroom inside the Rivero's Thor Motor Coach Delano Class C Motorhome.

  5. Storage Space and Extra Sleeping

    A convertible booth and overhead bunk provide extra beds for family and friends to sleep while our comfy recliner is the perfect spot to pass out during movie night.

How the RV Fits Our Lifestyle

Our travel lifestyle is a mix of rugged adventures and urban explorations. With our Class B van stationed in Salt Lake City for west coast trips, the Delano 24RW is perfect for our east coast excursions. It's nimble enough for city driving and comfortable enough for extended stays in nature. With a full kitchen, full bath, and reliable Wi-Fi, it serves as both our home and office on wheels. This flexibility allows us to work remotely while exploring new places - making every journey both productive and enjoyable. 

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