How to Stay Healthy on the Road

Tips from a Touring Musician
John King eating a fruit bowl inside his Shadow Cruiser travel trailer.

I’ve been a touring country artist and seasoned traveler for over half my life now. When you travel as much as I do, it’s easy to find yourself in patterns of eating fast food, not getting enough sleep, and finding excuses not to exercise. 

When I was younger, I noticed I was getting sick all the time and feeling rundown. I’ve found over the years that when I take the time to enforce healthy habits, I feel and perform so much better. Everyone’s body is different, but here are some things I would recommend to anyone looking to stay healthy for their travels!

How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

  1. Don't Leave Your Food To Chance

    When you’re out on the road, you may find yourself with limited food options. This becomes a problem when you’re starving and see a “fast food ahead” sign. For me, it is always best to bring my own food with me. 

    Having a full-sized fridge in our RV is a game changer. I always make sure to bring fresh produce and try not to leave my meals to chance on the road. There’s no doubt that it takes extra time and a lot of effort to pack it all up, but it’s worth it. 

    There are a few essential items I always bring with me as well, including a blender for smoothies, a juicer, and my supplements. A daily vitamin and supplement regimen is an easy way to help your immune system stay strong when traveling. Also don’t forget to wash your hands frequently!

    John King's wife handing him a juice outside their Shadow Cruiser travel trailer.

  2. Prioritize Movement

    Whether it’s a hotel gym or a hike when I'm camping, exercise is a must! I like to do my workout first thing in the morning, I feel like it sets the rest of my day up for success. It reduces my stress level and has become a therapeutic process for me. 

    When we’re RVing, I have a dedicated compartment in the side of our camper where I house all of my fitness essentials including dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and yoga mats. When we roll up to a campsite, I can pull out our “mini gym” and get a good sweat in! It’s also extra motivation if you have family, pets, or friends who will exercise with you. 

    I also love getting a good workout in when that's not necessarily my intention. You can do this by going for a walk with someone you love, taking the kids to the playground, or going for a hike or a bike ride. The more fun you make it, the easier it is!

    John King lifting weights outside of his Shadow Cruiser travel trailer.

  3. Replicate "At Home" Sleep

    The one thing I probably neglected most my entire career was sleep! In the last few years, I’ve finally “seen the light” and realized the difference a good night's sleep can make. I think it’s an area of health and wellness that gets overlooked. We put it on the back burner but in reality, it’s probably one of the most important things we can give our bodies. 

    When I’m on the road, I try to set myself up for the best sleep possible. It can be difficult to replicate the quality of sleep you get at home when you’re on the road, which is exactly why I love traveling in our camper. Our camper bed is very comfortable and it feels like a home away from home. I also travel with a sound machine in case we are in a busy area with noisy neighbors or beeping car horns. Lastly, a sleep mask can make a difference especially if you’re trying to catch a quick power nap and need total darkness!

  4. Check In With Your Mental Health

    The last thing I want to talk about is keeping mental health in check when traveling. Being on the go all the time can be very stressful. We travel with young children and there are days when it feels like we’re going to have to throw the towel in and head home! It took me years to figure out (and I’m definitely still learning) how to limit stress when traveling. 

    When I travel alone, I love to call and check in with my family frequently. It puts me in a better mindset to know what they are doing. When they’re with me, I try to take moments throughout the day to engage and soak in quality time together. It can be hard to do when we’re busy trying to get to the next destination but it’s so helpful to try and slow things down. I also love to end the day with prayer and meditation. It’s a great way to reset, reflect on the day, and feel less stressed no matter where I am.

    John King taking a walk with his daughters.

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