Why We RV: Resetting By The Water

CHRIS HEUBLEIN fishing in a river next to his Keystone Passport RV

Having grown up RVing and camping with his family, Chris found so much value in being able to get away and enjoy the simplicities of nature. There was something about being by water that seemed to calm everyone and put them at ease. And now that Chris has his own family of water-lovers, he hopes to instill in them the same experiences and appreciation that he had as a child.

Chris Heublein's kids running towards a river holding floating devices

Why is it important to have your family experience time outside in nature?

The biggest thing is getting away from screens and devices, and the general madness of daily life. I feel like kids today have a lot more pressure put on them, between school, sports and social activities, nevermind all of the digital and social platforms they have access to. And being out in nature helps us get away from that. There is no pressure for them to be or act a certain way. I see a lot less fighting and aggravation among our kids when we’re camping. They aren’t being pulled in a bunch of different directions, they’re simply here to be in the sun and have fun. I also think spending time outside is helping my family develop a greater appreciation for nature. They’re learning that we all have a responsibility to keep the environment clean and healthy so future generations can enjoy the same things.

Chris Heublein's family eating a meal at a wooden table outside of their RV

What do you hope these RV trips will do for your family?

When I was a kid growing up, my family spent a lot of time camping and traveling in our RV, and it felt like a reset for us. It was a nice break to spend time together in the outdoors, and I want to be able to do that for my own family. My parents will still come and join us on our camping trips. They have an Airstream that they’ll park right next to our Keystone, and we all get to be together. It’s really special to have multiple generations together in one place. And my hope is that my children will do the same when they have their own families, and I’ll be able to be a part of their adventures when they’re older.

Chris Heublein playing with his daughter in a river

Why do you like RV camping near water?

We are a family full of water-lovers. I like to joke that we’re a water family that is landlocked in Colorado, but we find so many great places to take the RV. It’s the best when you can park the RV, open your door and be right there on the river. We can make breakfast in the morning and see the fish jump less than 100 feet away. I love to fish and my kids love to swim and play in the river, and having an RV just makes it easy. We’ve got all of our amenities right next to the river, and we can change that location anytime we want. The ability to take our RV to a river or a lake is critical for the wellbeing of our family.

A river in colorado with a family camping nearby

Where are some of your favorite places to RV in Colorado?

We are very fortunate to live in a state that has so many great adventures and beautiful places to visit. We enjoy spending most of our time in national forests and on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land, as both allow us to get off the grid and away from crowds. Some of our favorite river spots to camp and take the RV are the Yampa River, Taylor River, Gunnison River, and North Platte River.

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