How To Live In a Small Space

Maintaining a Happy and Healthy Relationship in an RV 
Bailey and Nicole Damberg standing in front of their Dutchmen Astoria Fifth wheel in front of mountains

When you’re going on an RV trip with your travel partner or loved ones, there’s no denying you’ll be spending a lot of time in a small space. My wife and I have been traveling in our RV for two years now and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to maintain a happy and healthy relationship while being in tight quarters–which is easier said than done. With that said, here are our best tips for how you and your loved ones can enjoy the magic of RVing while maintaining strong relationships.

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Communication is Vital

My wife and I like to carve out time to sit down and discuss our day’s plans, goals, wants and wishes. Sharing a small space can feel like your life is an open book, so you might as well get on the same page. 

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

I like to cook and my wife likes to clean. We both show equal effort in a common goal of living in a clean space and maintaining a healthy relationship. The goal is to find ways you are equally contributing to chores and other tasks to prevent animosity in a tight space.

When in Doubt, Head Outside

The beauty of RVing is that when life starts to feel cramped, I remind myself we can go outside to get fresh air. My wife and I like to do a lot of outdoor activities to help release steam. It also helps us to bond and have some fun. Currently, we are learning how to play pickleball, which has been a fun yet humbling experience.

Spend Time Together and Apart

My wife and I like to spend intentional time together watching movies, exploring our surroundings, and going to dinner, but we have our individual hobbies as well. My wife likes to read and crochet, while I like to go fishing, collect antiques, and play video games. This helps us maintain a sense of self even though we are together the majority of the time.

Establishing Privacy

It’s important to establish privacy especially if you are working from the road like we are. Our best advice to do so is to stay organized so you can get work done and stay out of each other’s hair. For example, if I need to take a call, my wife can step outside, or I can go inside the truck and she can stay inside the RV. It’s all bout a give-and-take. 

RV trips can be highly rewarding, allowing you to spend time with loved ones while making incredible memories. All it takes is a little bit of understanding, organization, and preparation and you’ll be able to maintain a happy and healthy relationship no matter how small your space is.  

Fifth Wheels

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