Is A Class B Camper Van Right For You?

Airstream Class B Van

Class B camper vans are quickly becoming some of the most popular motorized RVs. Their small, streamlined design and ability to double as an everyday vehicle make them a highly desirable option for many RVers.

Most Class Bs have all of the features and amenities of a much larger RV, including a small bathroom and kitchen. Plus, they can fit in more places than most other RVs. However, some buyers are concerned about getting a Class B RV due to their small size and limited storage space. And with so many different models available, how can you even begin to figure out which one is right for you?

To help address some of these concerns and highlight just how versatile Class B camper vans really are, we asked four different owners to share why they ultimately decided to buy a Class B and how the RV they chose fits their unique lifestyle. They address some common Class B complaints, including the size of the shower and having to deal with a convertible bed, and share their advice for anyone interested in buying a van.

A couplet sets up camp outside of a Thor Motor Coach Scope Class B Camper Van

  1. Why did you choose your specific Class B?

    We originally bought our Class B as a way to take weekend trips. We had a much larger fifth wheel that we were living in and figured a Class B would be a great way to get away and take short trips. However, we quickly realized that the Class B offered all of the same comforts as our fifth wheel but with much greater mobility. We specifically chose the Thor Motor Coach Sequence because it has an open, spacious floor plan and a bathroom in the rear that offers more space than a bathroom off the side. — Gabe and Rocio Rivero / Remote Working Couple / Thor Motor Coach Sequence

  2. How do you maximize sleeping space in your Class B?

    The layout in the Jayco Terrain is perfect for sleeping two adults and a few dogs. The rear power lift bed is slightly bigger than a full and slightly smaller than a queen, so my wife and I can comfortably sleep there and our dogs can lay directly beneath us. We do have an 11-year-old daughter that likes to travel with us, so we added a removable front bunk that spans the two front seats. This is perfect for her and we even installed a privacy curtain to help separate her space from the rest of the van. — Mike, Last Line of Defense / Weekend Warrior Family / Jayco Terrain

  3. How do you maximize storage in your Class B?

    Our Airstream Interstate has great interior storage, but we’ve found some additional ways to maximize the space. In the bathroom, we’ve installed wall-mounted nets that allow us to store toiletries and other supplies. We also purchased a set of high-quality, nesting cookware that not only saves on kitchen space but has lasted us for years. Additionally, we have two hanging organizers in the rear that we use at night to hold our drinks, phones, reading glasses, and TV remotes. — Paul and Susan Herbert / Traveling Retired Couple / Airstream Interstate

  4. Did you have any concerns about buying a Class B? If so, what were they and how did you address them?

    One of my biggest, initial concerns was affordability—many Class B camper vans can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. However, I was able to negotiate a good deal and use my old RV as a trade-in. I was also able to sell my car and use my Class B as my primary vehicle. Another concern was being able to manage and operate the van entirely on my own. I ended up filming my initial after-purchase orientation and walk-through with one of the RV technicians. This was extremely helpful because if I forgot something, I had a specific video to refer back to. I also joined a few Facebook groups, including some specifically for Tellaro owners. — Jessica Lawson / Solo Outdoor Adventurer / Thor Motor Coach Tellaro

  5. What are some of your favorite hobbies and activities, and how does your Class B fit these?

    One of my favorite activities is simply heading up into the mountains to disconnect and relax. The Jayco Terrain comes equipped with a special JRIDE package that allows you to adjust the shocks and offers a heavy-duty rear stabilizer bar—both of which are ideal for off-roading and tough mountain roads. I also really like to mountain bike, and our camper van acts as a great base camp. I can change in and out of my gear, have a cold drink or a snack, and wash up after a long ride. — Mike, Last Line of Defense / Weekend Warrior Family / Jayco Terrain

  6. What advice would you give someone who is considering buying a Class B?

    Our first piece of advice is to watch YouTube videos of people who travel in Class B RVs. These videos will help you get a feel for the different layouts and the types of activities you can do with a van. Our second piece of advice is to visit a dealership and walk through as many models and layouts as possible. Lay down on the beds, open the cabinets, stand in the shower, and sit in the driver’s seat—fully allow yourself to imagine traveling in it. Our third piece of advice is to rent a Class B and take it on a weekend trip. You don’t have to travel far but actually taking one out will give you a first-hand look at what it’s really like to own one. And lastly, if you ultimately decide to buy a camper van, talk to a dealer or bank representative to see what your financing and payment options are. — Gabe and Rocio Rivero / Remote Working Couple / Thor Motor Coach Sequence

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