Brenda Huynh & Tiger Doan

THOR Ambassador Profile
Brenda Huynh & Tiger Doan and their family looking out at a lake landscape

Brenda Huynh & Tiger Doan and their family jumping in front of their thor Motor Coach vegas

Brenda and Tiger

When we met, we felt an instant connection in our love of the outdoors and camping.  We went from two to three-day tent camping trips to trekking across several states over the past six years in our Thor Motor Coach Vegas RUV.  Our family consists of a super multitasker mom Brenda, a chill dad Tiger, two adventurous daughters, Amelia and Toni, and a rambunctious Goldendoodle named Bear. 

We are also creators/ admins of the Asian American RV Adventurers Facebook Group, facilitating a safe and fun environment for RV communities.  We connect with other Asian Americans around the U.S., post our trips for inspiration, provide campground reviews, and give advice!

Fun Facts About Brenda and Tiger

What is your go-to Starbucks order?

Brenda: Ice soy latte 

Tiger: None, unless they serve beer there.

What is something that always lifts your spirits? 

Brenda: Waking up in our RV to the sound of crashing waves with coffee in hand.  

Tiger: Playing with my girls and dog on the beach

What is your favorite national park and why? 

Brenda: Zion for its unique landscape and The Narrows

Tiger: Yosemite because it has a good mix of the elements (waterfalls, granite cliffs, pine trees) and I hiked Half Dome. 

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