How To Plan RV Trips Around Busy Schedules 

Tips for Navigating Kids’ Activities, Work and Family Fun  
The Brenda Huynh and Tiger Doan family with friends camping at the beach with their Thor Motor Coach Vegas Class A motorhome

One of the many benefits of the RV lifestyle is the ability to incorporate RV trips with our kids’ sports and other activities. My husband and I have full-time, in-office jobs and the kids attend traditional school with music and sports activities, so we must plan our trips carefully and efficiently. And while we can’t just pick up and go on the spur of the moment, there are so many benefits to having our home on wheels (like being able to bring our Goldendoodle, Bear, wherever we go).  Efficient planning and willingness to be flexible have allowed us to average 15 trips yearly! So, here is our process for planning RV trips around busy schedules so we can maximize family time and continue to make unforgettable memories together, even as our kids get older.      

Planning Ahead

As soon as the school calendar is released for the year, my husband, Tiger, is already looking ahead to when we can plan our trips.  As our kids get older and their activities and competitions occur more frequently, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find time for our RV trips.  We take advantage of three-day holiday weekends, spring break, Thanksgiving break, and Christmas break.  One of our favorite vacations is an annual two-week summer trip—the joy starts from the moment we begin brainstorming a destination.  We learn to appreciate the whole process from planning to execution, whether it's a short day trip or a long, two-week excursion. 

The Brenda Huynh and Tiger Doan family's Thor Motor Coach Vegas Class A motorhome

Bringing the RV Along

Our kids’ taekwondo tournaments are usually long and tiring for the whole family, so we decided to start bringing our Class A motorhome with us (if the venue allows it).  Pro tip: It’s a good idea to call the facility beforehand to see if they allow oversized vehicles like RVs in the parking lots. Having our RV enables us to have a private bathroom and kitchen for meals and snacks.  We can also rest, nap, or hang out with friends.  

Another huge benefit is that our Goldendoodle, Bear, is not left behind with a sitter.  He is well-trained and stays inside the RV while we are at the competition.  Ensuring he’s safe and not anxious in the RV is essential. We monitor the temperature in the RV, ensure he has everything he needs, and we check on him every few hours to feed and walk him.  

The Brenda Huynh and Tiger Doan family inside their Thor Motor Coach Vegas Class A motorhome

Becoming the Hostess with the Most-ess

Bringing our RV to our kids’ events allows us to elevate the experience for everyone involved!  This past summer, we combined our daughter’s birthday and team taekwondo party at the beach. We arrived early in the morning to start setting up for the party and used the RV to serve parent volunteers coffee, fruit and bagels.  Unlike our kids who grew up camping, some kids on the team had never experienced camping or even roasting marshmallows. It warmed our hearts to be able to provide those kids a new experience. 

Even though we live in Southern California with many amusement parks, we don’t go often—Tiger is not a huge fan of amusement parks and would much rather spend time in nature.  But with our RV, we found a perfect compromise for the whole family by RVing to Disneyland!  Tiger would stay behind with Bear at the RV Resort while the girls and I had fun with friends at the park.  We came back for lunch and rested comfortably in our RV, paying less for more convenience and comfort.

Convenience and Comfort

Many have wondered how we fit in so many RV trips while working full-time with kids in school. Camping had always been a big part of our lives before my husband and I met, so it was natural for us to transition to RVing after having kids. We also live in southern California which allows us to RV all year round and our short Class A motorhome, a Thor Motor Coach Vegas, is the right size for our family of 4 and a dog.  It has comfortably hosted many memories—from after-tournament dinners in the parking lot with the team to weekend beaching, to winters in the desert and summer in the mountains, to fall by the river and even a lunch break at our favorite amusement park. We love making family memories with our RV and the work it takes to plan our adventures is well worth the reward at the end of the day.

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