Being Outdoors Is A Different Kind Of Education

Brenda and Tiger's daughters acting like explorers on a rock

One of the reasons we chose the RV lifestyle was our desire to make memories for, and with, our kids. And ever since we bought our Vegas Class A motorhome, we’ve made a point to prioritize these family RV trips. Every year, we take a big, two-week summer trip. We also take smaller trips during school breaks, holidays and long weekends. On average, our family takes about 15 RV trips per year.

Brenda and Tiger's family posing for a photo at the grand canyon

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot on these trips. Specifically, we’ve learned how to work together as a team and become more efficient. Our daughters have also gained valuable life lessons—things they may have never learned at school or at home. We had no idea that the intangible benefits of owning an RV would hold more value than the monetary investment we made.

Instills A Sense of Responsibility

RVing requires considerable planning and preparation, including mapping out routes, booking campgrounds, and lots of packing and unpacking. To ensure everyone contributes on our trips, we teach our girls age-appropriate tasks and double-check their work to avoid issues like not packing enough or packing the wrong types of clothes. When our girls were young, we started by having them pack just a few toys and games. As they’ve gotten older, we’ve gradually added more to their packing responsibilities, including their clothes, electronics and our dog’s food and supplies. Investing the time and energy to help train and guide our kids has really paid off. Our trips are now more efficient and everyone knows their job, which instills a sense of responsibility and contribution.

Teaches Critical Thinking Skills

When we arrive at a campsite, our older daughter Amelia assists Tiger with outdoor tasks like setting up the mat, dog fence, camping chairs, and trash cans, while our younger daughter Toni helps me organize the inside of our RV. Toni and I will make the beds, put out bath towels and rearrange things inside the cabinets since things may have shifted during the drive. Teamwork speeds things up, giving us more time for fun. It also teaches the girls problem-solving and critical thinking skills. We recently witnessed this firsthand when we showed up at a campsite only to discover there wasn’t a fire ring. Amelia took it upon herself to collect some nearby rocks and build one. Tiger then helped show her how big it needed to be and where to properly position the rocks. That night, we all got to roast marshmallows and enjoy a cozy campfire thanks to her resourcefulness.

Brenda and Tiger's daughters roasting marshmallows by a campfire

Maintains Physical Health

Another benefit of being outdoors is physical fitness. In addition to their Tae Kwon Do training and music lessons, our daughters love to ski, bike, swim, kayak, and paddleboard. Not only do these activities help build core strength, increase stamina and improve balance, they are also things we enjoy doing together as a family—so everyone can reap the health benefits.

Enhances School Projects

Since purchasing our RV, we have tried to visit as many national parks as possible. This is a great way for the girls to learn about the park's history, wildlife, culture, and habitats. For example, during a trip to Yellowstone National Park, we saw abundant wildlife, including bison, grizzlies, wolves, deer, elk, moose, and pronghorns. And at Pinnacles National Park, the girls learned basket weaving and how to make bird calls with a blade of grass—a skill they remembered learning from a previous trip to Colorado. We’ve seen our girls take these experiences and incorporate them into their school project and papers. Being able to visit these beautiful places helps give a new richness to their schooling, and that makes us as parents so proud.

Brenda and Tiger's daughter weaving a basket

Some Extra Valuable Lessons 

In addition to learning about mother nature and its abundant beauty, being outside has also taught our girls:

  • To live with less
  • To compromise
  • To unplug, and be with nature and family
  • To be resourceful
  • That it’s okay to be bored sometimes

There are valuable lessons and skills that can’t easily be taught in school or at home. And we’re fortunate that our girls are learning some of these lessons on our RV trips. Our hope is that, one day, they will incorporate everything they’ve learned into their adult lives and with their own families. Afterall, being outdoors is a different kind of education.

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