Window to Marin County, California

Interior shot of an RV, with a dining room table, chair, and bench filled with pillows for a comfortable seating area. The window behind the bench looks out to blue water and green trees on a sunny day.

Why do you like it here?

It’s close to civilization but feels so far away.

What’s your favorite part about this view?

This view is amazing because the reservoir doesn’t have boat traffic like so many other bodies of water. It will often be completely glassed over, but a small wind will pick up and make it look like the ocean.

How do you decide where to go next?

We spend a lot of time discussing, and we glean inspiration from other travelers. But when it comes down to it, we usually don’t know where we’re going until the week before we leave.

What’s one piece of advice you have for RVers?

Go with the flow. This life is full of adventure, fun, exploration, and discoveries, but it’s still real life and plans don’t always work out. The beauty of RV living is that even if everything goes wrong, you are probably in an amazing location with natural beauty all around to enjoy. So take a deep breath and enjoy the view. 

Who do you wish you could share this view with?

We text and FaceTime our friends and families all the time. We wish we could bring everyone with us to experience these adventures at the same time. Pictures and videos are an amazing way to stay connected in this day and age, but they can’t replace experiencing the world in real life. So stop scrolling on social media and get out into the world and see it for yourself!

What places do you recommend nearby?

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