Window to Valensole, France

A view from inside a van with a bed in the frame, looking out into the lavender fields of the Valensole area in France.

What's your favorite place to eat in the area?

That is a very interesting topic. We love to cook and we like to eat well, so the kitchen of our house on wheels is very well equipped and the food is fantastic diverse and homemade, which for us is very important. However it is very true that places, especially in certain corners of the planet, are also known through their food, which can be enormously rich in flavor, nuances and also in history and traditions. And we love to try them and enjoy them as an important part of our trips. So we could say that ours is a combination of our homemade food and enjoying the flavors each new place can provide.

Why do you like it here?

French Provence, especially at this time of year, is enormously rich in every way: from the captivating beauty of its lavender and sunflower fields to its exquisite cuisine, through so many fantastic sites like the Verdon Gorges, or the fantastic palette of the Ochre mines from the Luberon National Park.

What noteworthy places are nearby?

The Gorges du Verdon, one of Provence’s must-see natural wonders. While there is no road up the gorge, there is a breathtaking circular "corniche" route around the rim of the gorge before you explore the gorge and its incredible blue waters on a kayak. Another gift of nature are the ancient Ochre mines in the area that present an enchanting scene mixing cliffs, earth pillars and ochre-colored sand hillocks, all shaped by the will of the winds and rain. There are several of these Ochre fields to be discovered by trail.

Which views are on your bucket list?

I would love to revisit many places that I have already seen, but from the perspective of our motorhome. Like Iceland, a true paradise on earth; the Sahara desert; the Lofoten islands on the Norwegian coast; and many other places probably less well-known but equally captivating.

What's one piece of advice you have for RVers?

We would especially like to mention sustainability. We have received the gift of a beautiful planet and everyone, especially those who love and enjoy nature, have to work to increase sensitivity on this topic, so that our children, grandchildren and future generations can continue enjoying the same wonders that we have known.

What places do you recommend nearby?

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