Why We RV to Be Closer to Family

with Warren and Robin Baxter
Robin and Warren's family sit on the patio of their Keystone Fuzion at dusk.
Robin and Warren towing their Keystone Fuzion on a windy desert road.
What kind of RV do you own and what do you like about it?

We own a 2020 Keystone Fuzion 427 fifth wheel toy hauler and we absolutely love it! Before purchasing our Fuzion, we shopped around for several months but always kept returning to this particular floor plan. Everything inside is perfect for entertaining and hosting guests: The island bench seating, ample cabinets and counter space, an outside tv area, and an extra half-bathroom. The space in the back (which we call the porch) not only gives us additional sleeping and play space for our grandkids but it allows more natural light to shine through, giving our RV an even more homey feel.

Robin sits at a desk and writes in a journal in the garage of their Keystone Fuzion toy hauler.
What features or elements inside your RV make it feel extra “homey” and more like a house?

While we’ve done some things to our RV to make it look more like a traditional home—added special decorations and hung family photos—the two biggest things that make it feel like a true home are the people inside and daily routines. Regardless of where you are or where you live, being with friends and family can feel like home. Being all together in the RV puts us in such close proximity that this sense of home is felt even more. And while we do live in an RV full-time, we still do things just like we did in our house back in California. We still wake up and have a cup of coffee first thing. Warren still makes a big breakfast (he loves breakfast food!) and I still do my workouts. In the evenings, we still drive to a local restaurant for a burger, and then come home and bake brownies and watch a movie. It’s all of these little routine moments that make the whole RV experience feel so normal, so much like home.

Robin reads a book to her granddaughter in one of the bunkbeds in their Keystone Fuzion toy hauler.
What are the sleeping arrangements inside the RV when multiple people stay with you?

Whenever people come and stay with us, it’s really important that they feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. Afterall, the reason we bought this specific Keystone was to utilize the garage space as a living space. The garage has two queen beds and an extra half bath. We also added an extra futon, so it can comfortably sleep six people. Plus, it’s easy for our guests to access the space and go in and out. We also have a couch in the main living area, and there’s room on the floor for a twin-sized air mattress. Needless to say, we can pack them in if needed!

Warren and his two sons cook pizza in a pizza oven outside of their Keystone Fuzion.
When they come visit, what types of activities do you and your family like to do in the RV?

Both of our sons played competitive soccer and Warren is a big sports fanatic, so all of the guys like to get together and watch as many games as they possibly can. We have TVs both inside and outside the RV, so there is ample space to watch. Our son Myles is also a grill master, so he’ll cook for us on the outdoor BBQ. We will go sightseeing and visit nearby places, but mostly we spend time together in the kitchen or on the back porch laughing and watching the grandkids play.

Robin and Warren's family sit around the island in the kitchen of their Keystone Fuzion.
When people visit and stay with you, what makes being all together inside the RV so special and unique?

Most of our family and friends don't have time to camp or plan a camping trip, let alone own an RV. Whenever we have visitors, they mostly just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and relax. We encourage them to live our lifestyle for a bit and enjoy the camping experience—sending photos can only go so far, we want them to actually witness it. What makes having guests and visitors so special is that you know by them making the choice to come out and see you and be in a small space, they really want to spend time with you and give you their full attention. Warren and I are also able to show our guests how we manage to live minimally and really enjoy what we have. That seems to resonate with our guests, too. Honestly, everyone just seems happier when they’re camping.

Robin and Warren smile at each other while on a hike.
How does your RV allow you to pursue your dreams?

We feel like we are living our dream. Warren and I both get restless and love experiencing new places, so the RV allows us the freedom and flexibility to just go whenever and wherever we feel like it. This ability to “just go” can also take us right back to our family. If we ever start to get homesick or miss our kids, we can hitch up and head back to California. Just knowing we can do that helps us feel less disconnected.

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