Why We Still Full-Time RV

michael and tiffany dunagan smiling in their rv

We’ve been living, working and traveling full-time in our Tiffin motorhome for over two years, and guess what? We still absolutely love it! If you can believe it, before we started this full-time journey, we had never RVed before. Going from no experience to a big Class A motorhome was an adjustment, but it was honestly one of the best decisions we ever made. There are a lot of benefits to full-time RV living—there are the obvious reasons, like getting to see the country and staying in beautiful places, but there are also the less obvious reasons, such as getting to see our family more and growing closer as a couple. So, if you’re contemplating going full-time or doing an extended stay, here are just a few reasons why we still enjoy full-time RV life.

  1. Freedom From Household Chores

    Yes, you still have to clean your RV and keep a tidy space but there is a lot less space to clean when you live in an RV. Our list of household chores has decreased dramatically, and we no longer have to worry about things like yard work, landscaping or cleaning the pool. This has freed up a lot of time for us, and we can spend that time doing more of the things we love.

  2. Seeing Friends and Family More

    You might think that living in an RV will limit or reduce the amount of time you spend with friends and family, but that has actually been the opposite for us. We can be more flexible with when we visit and how long we stay, we don’t have to worry about booking hotel rooms or juggling flights, and we don’t have to sleep on couches or share bathrooms. We never feel like we’re overstaying our welcome or being annoying houseguests because we get to bring our home with us wherever we go.

  3. Location Independence

    In an RV, home is where you park it. We’ve been able to explore the country, chase nice weather and experience a variety of different cities and regions. And the flexibility of living and working from an RV allows you to stay for as long or as short as you like. If you find a place that you absolutely love, you can stay for a month or even longer. Or, if you try a new place but don’t really like it, you can move on after a day or two. You can pretty much go wherever you want, whenever you want and for however long you want. Being location independent is a huge benefit of full-time RV living.

Being in constant close quarters with your partner can be challenging, especially when you move from a big house to a 300-square foot space. So we were really surprised to find that full-time RVing actually brought us closer as a couple. We had never RVed before, and we really had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, but we figured it out together. Getting to experience such incredible adventures together, but also working through challenges together, can do wonders for your relationship. We’ve been married for 28 years, and have known each other for even longer, but this is the closest we’ve ever felt.

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