Million Dollar RV Views

And How To Find Them
Melissa and Lucas Lahr's Heartland Torque toy hauler at a campsite with panoramic mountain views.

Prioritizing Epic Views in Campsite Selection

When it comes to finding the perfect camping spot, prioritizing epic views is often at the top of our list. The serenity of a mountain vista, the tranquility of a creekside retreat, or the beauty of a desert sunset can elevate your RV experience to new heights. There is simply nothing like enjoying a campfire with your family under the stars without another human in sight. The bonus of these beautiful campsites is that they are free!

The allure of finding “million-dollar views” while camping is a driving force for many RVers, but finding boondocking locations with perfect views and enough space to roam isn’t always a walk in the park. There can be a learning curve to locating these destinations, so we’ve compiled the tips, resources, and personal considerations we’ve learned over our eight years of free camping to help you learn the art of finding breathtaking camping locations.

A panoramic desert view at sunset and Melissa and Lucas Lahr's Heartland Torque toy hauler.

Your Considerations

When researching boondocking locations, choosing the right site involves more than just the view. Ensuring that your RV is equipped to harness solar energy and stay connected to the digital world is important when you are working from your RV like we do. If you have Starlink for internet and a roof full of solar, finding a campsite that isn't tree-covered is ideal. 

Additionally, being close to your intended destination can save time and fuel. You will likely need to run to town for fresh water and a place to dump your tanks, so consider how often your family would need to do this when looking for a spot.

Tools to Find Your Perfect Campsite

When searching for a campsite, we always start by using Campendium. This is our favorite app because it has cell signal data by carrier, user reviews of the locations, and photos. We have a large toy hauler, so it is very helpful to read the reviews to see if the campsites will fit our size RV and if there is a place to get turned back around. 

While we are looking for campsites that meet our needs, we are also looking at the photos to see which campsites have the best views. In Mexico, we use iOverlander and in British Columbia, we use the government website for recreation sites.

Pro Tip:

Scout Ahead

After arriving at a potential campsite, it's crucial to scout ahead to ensure it meets your expectations and needs. Leveraging tools like Google Maps allows you to get a bird's eye view of the area and assess the surroundings. Drones are great for finding which sites are open and if we will have room to run around. Bikes are also excellent options for on-the-ground exploration, providing a closer look at potential campsites. 

After the views, we scout for potholes, the size of the campsite, accessibility, low-hanging trees, and if the campsites are private. There have been times when our first-choice boondocking locations are full, so it is important to always be prepared with a backup location.


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Best Locations for Million-Dollar RV Views

Certain states and regions stand out for their accessibility to million-dollar RV views. The vast landscapes of the American West, including states like Arizona, Utah, and Idaho offer iconic scenery that suits RVers, but especially those of us with large RVs. The wide open spaces of Forest Service and BLM (Bureau of Land Management) campsites of the Western US make for an ideal setting to find free campsites. We have ventured into Mexico for the most beautiful beach camping and into Canada for stunning mountainside views.

Our Favorite

Million Dollar Destinations

Baja, Mexico
Playa Tecolote in Baja Sur is our all-time favorite beach camping experience. We woke up to the sun rising into our toy hauler garage, we snorkeled offshore in turquoise waters and enjoyed sunset paddles with sea turtles. To say it was idyllic is an understatement, but sand will be everywhere.
Twin Lakes, Colorado
This camping area is at the start of Independence Pass. You will have views of some of the largest peaks in Colorado, great fishing, and beautiful hikes nearby. Your closest town is Leadville, with its own unique history to explore. You can easily fill your fresh water in Leadville.
The Canadian Rockies
We loved our campsites in British Columbia. We found the most beautiful glacially-fed stream to camp on with the backdrop of white-capped mountains. Many of the Canada Recreation Sites come with picnic tables and firepits at no cost.
Alabama Hills, California
Once your camper is nestled amongst the giant rocks, you will have stunning sunset views of the Eastern Sierras from your campfire. The tallest mountain in the lower 48, Mt Whitney can be seen from the town of Lone Pine. Services are limited so be sure to have a plan for getting water and dumping your tanks before heading out there. Solar works great here. This area offers very few campsites in designated areas, so make sure to have a backup plan.
Sedona, Arizona
Sedona is known for its stunning red rock formations and beautiful hikes. This is a great spot for Fall, Winter and Spring. During the summer, temperatures can soar. Solar and Starlink work great here. Be aware that over the last few years, some of these campsites have been more regulated and it may be difficult to find a location all to yourself.

Recreating Responsibly

The last couple of our favorite recommended campsites have faced heavy regulations due to campers not recreating responsibly. Please be sure to respect the land and leave your campsite better than you found it. It would be a shame to lose these beautiful places for camping and recreation altogether.

Embarking on an RV journey with million-dollar views is worth a bit of extra planning and consideration. By prioritizing epic views, taking personal needs into account, using reliable resources, and scouting ahead, you can ensure that your RV adventure is filled with unforgettable moments and breathtaking landscapes. Happy travels!

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