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Cassie and Joshua Bailey

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Hi, We're The Baileys!

Our family of six, plus one Border Aussie dog and a sweet cat, travel across the country in our RV. When we were shopping for an RV, we knew we would need a very specific type of RV to practically, and comfortably, fit our large family.

We took a tour of our RV one year before purchasing it, but we instantly fell in love and knew it was the right fit for us. Let's take a tour of all of our favorite features of our Highland Ridge RV and why we feel it's the perfect fifth wheel for larger families!

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Our Favorite Features

  1. An Exterior Living Space Fit For Hosting

    We love entertaining guests and spending time outside, so we enjoy having an outdoor kitchen. Our RV has two awnings with strips of LED lighting making it great for late-night fires. Our RV also comes equipped with outside Bluetooth speakers to set the tone with all of our favorite music! There's even a second bathroom with an exterior door so guests don't need to walk through the RV to use the restroom, which makes this setup perfect for those who love to have guests over.

    The Cassie and Joshua Bailey family host guests around a campfire outside of their Highland Ridge Open Range.

  2. A Supersized Couch for the Whole Family (Plus Some)

    We have a supersized couch that not only fits our family of six but also has enough space for guests to join! The couch transforms into a bed which we take advantage of when family comes to visit. Inside the couch, two recliner chairs are perfect for relaxing. Our favorite date nights are grabbing all of our favorite snacks, turning on the fireplace, kicking back in the recliner chairs, and picking a new movie to watch.

    The Cassie and Joshua Bailey family sitting on a couch in a living room with Christmas decorations inside their Highland Ridge Open Range fifth wheel.

  3. Our Full Kitchen

    Even though we tend to eat outside at the picnic table, we love having an indoor table for snacks and dinner when it's rainy or cold out. When we aren’t using them, they are detached and put away to save space.
    We are a celiac family which means a few of us can't come in contact with gluten at all. Before RV living, travel was nearly impossible because of cross-contamination. Having a full kitchen in our RV with a residential fridge and stove makes travel so much easier because we can cook most of our food from scratch. As a bonus, the fridge has an ice maker which allows us to have perfect crushed ice in lemonade on hot days in the Florida Keys.

    Knowing our food is always safe to eat while getting to travel the country has been so refreshing for us!

  4. The Kids’ Bunkroom

    The bunkroom was one of the biggest selling points because it's rare to find an RV that has four beds, plus a half bath for the kids to use! This bunkroom also has a bed that can be stored away for more floor space and another bed that also turns into a small dinette with storage under the seats. Multi-use furniture with extra storage in an RV is a must!

    The bunk room also has six drawers, a small closet, as well as a desk that can be stored away. 

  5. A Multi-Functional Bedroom

    In the primary bedroom, there's a large king bed with storage under the bed. We love having a large bed because we have a few little ones who still like to climb in for snuggles in the middle of the night. 

    The primary bedroom also has a connecting bathroom with a shower that seriously feels like a spa. It has a skylight for that natural light and TONS of extra storage.

  6. Smart Technology

    One of the biggest upgrades we got with this RV was our Jaycommand. We can control almost everything in our RV using the app on our phone. From the slides and lights to auto leveling and awnings, everything is controllable right from our phones. We could set up our whole RV without getting out of the truck! 

    The awning and patio outside of Cassie and Joshua Bailey's Highland Ridge Open Range fifth wheel.

This RV has taken us on some beautiful adventures. It is the perfect size for our family of six to relax and be comfortable while still offering us the maneuverability to drive through the mountains. Our Open Range allows us to have a different backyard across the country while having the stability of the same bed every night!

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