How To Have A Romantic Date Night In Your RV

With Warren and Robin Baxter
a man pouring a glass of champagne

Warren’s and my love story started in high school, and now we’ve been married for 38 years. People often ask us how we keep the romance going after all this time, especially now that we live full-time in an RV. And the answer is pretty simple—we’ve just enjoyed moving through the different phases of life together. We grew up together, then became parents together, and now we’re traveling as retirees together. Throughout all of these phases, we’ve given each other space to grow.

Robin and Warren pose for a picture in front of their Keystone Fuzion.

We love the current phase of life that we’re in. We’re having fun, exploring the country and experiencing new things together. But making time for each other and doing romantic things hasn’t stopped just because we live and travel in an RV.

Here are our tips for keeping the romance alive and planning great date nights in your RV.

  1. Keep It Simple

    After being married for so many years, it’s extra important to keep the romance alive. We’ve learned that this doesn’t have to mean big moments or grand gestures. One of our favorite things to do is sit by an ocean or lake and watch the water. The calm stillness really allows us to relax and enjoy our time together. To help make it more romantic, we’ll bring some snacks and drinks. This usually includes a small charcuterie board, some wine and a little something sweet. One of our best purchases is a well-equipped picnic basket that we can easily grab and bring with us. You can easily bring a romantic picnic with you to the beach, on a hike or to a different spot at your campground. Date nights in an RV don’t have to be elaborate. The goal is to relax and enjoy being outside together. Creating a romantic environment is best when you're not trying too hard—just let life feed your souls.   

    Robin and Warren smile at each other while on a hike.

  2. Set The Mood

    It’s actually quite easy to create a romantic setting with your RV. We prefer spending time outside, especially in the evenings, so we bought a small tent with shades that offer us a nice, private space. Inside the tent, we’ll have some low-back chairs, a small table, some comfy blankets, even a few string lights or candles. Another great way to set the mood is through music. We like to play smooth jazz inside of our RV or bring a portable speaker outside and listen to quiet songs under the stars. Warren has been building and adding to one particular playlist for years, and it’s a nice way to reflect on our memories together.

  3. Play To Each Other’s Strengths

    While I’m much better at decorating and curating a romantic setting, Warren is much better at the technical things. For example, I’ll pack our date night picnic basket while he unloads our e-bikes and gets them ready to roll. Warren also says that the easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I think that goes both ways! Just watching him plan, prep and cook a meal feels romantic enough. The care and consideration he takes to measure everything out is really sweet. While I set the table, dim the lights, put on music, and light some candles, Warren will handle dinner. And when the lobster and crab legs come out, complete with loaded baked potatoes and dinner rolls, then I know the romance is in full swing!

    Warren Baxter grilling outside of their Keystone Fuzion

  4. Spend Some Time Reflecting

    On your next RV date night, spend some time reflecting and reminiscing on your personal love story. Talk about when you first met, your first date or a fun event from the start of your relationship. Warren and I love to sit on the back porch of our Keystone toy hauler, sip our favorite cocktails and watch old music videos. It brings us back to our early years of going to high school dances and nightclubs together.

    Robin and Warren Baxter relaxing on their porch at their Pirate Cove campsite on the beach

  5. Try New Things

    Regardless if you RV full-time, part-time or are a weekend warrior, the act of sharing new experiences with the person you love can add so much depth to your relationship. New experiences don’t have to be expensive getaways or romantic destinations, they can be as simple as sharing hobbies or tackling a problem together. Warren has recently gotten really into flying drones, and I have picked up roller skating. We each love our individual hobbies and offer support to the other person for their hobby as well. The important thing is to allow each other to grow as individuals. Embracing the minute changes in each other’s personalities and interests builds respect and admiration for the person that you’re with. Additionally, traveling and facing the challenges of constant mobility can be hard but it can also bring you closer together. There’s always something new to see, try or fix but you’re doing it as a team. We never expected that the RV lifestyle would make us more connected, more romantic and stronger as a couple.

If you’re looking to take a romantic RV trip, here are some of our favorite destinations:

Robin and Warren towing their Keystone Fuzion on a windy desert road.

Mesa, Arizona

We spend our winters in Arizona, where the sunrises and sunsets are absolutely breathtaking. If you and your partner are willing to get up an hour or so before sunrise, you’ll be able to enjoy the incredibly picturesque cloud formations. There are also plenty of lakes and rivers around Mesa, and there’s nothing better than watching the sun set on the lake with the person you love.

Robin and Warren Baxter sitting under a text on the beach

Oceanside, California

When we first started our RV journey, we happened upon a small RV resort called Paradise By The Sea. This place is so beautiful and the Pacific Ocean is practically right outside your RV’s front door. The park offers a hot tub, cozy fireplaces and a swimming pool. You also have easy access to the boardwalk, endless walking and biking trails, and plenty of quaint, romantic restaurants. Staying here, you really can’t help but fall in love all over again.

Karen Blue fishing in Alaska

Valdez, Alaska

We’ve experienced a lot of unique destinations over the course of our travels but the city of Valdez is one of our favorites. The town has multiple waterfalls, bike paths and so much delicious seafood. Plus, you’re completely surrounded by incredible snow-capped peaks. Everything about it feels charming and romantic.

Robin and Warren Baxter sitting in a large adirondack chair

Bellingham, Washington

Warren and I love live music and Bellingham did not disappoint. We enjoyed plenty of music at the city’s annual Downtown Sounds—a multi-block event full of live bands and musicians. Downtown Sounds is located in downtown Bellingham right near the waterfront. Downtown Bellingham also has plenty of romantic brunch and dinner spots. While we were there, we caught the ferry to Lummi Island, which feels like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. The island was so peaceful and quiet, and full of blooming hydrangeas.

Just remember, a romantic RV experience doesn’t have to be costly. For us, it's living in the moment, embracing that moment, and not looking backwards or forward but allowing it to be our shared time as a couple.  

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