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Karen and Lenny Blue

Karen and Lenny Blue

2024 THOR Ambassadors

Meet Karen Blue

Karen is endlessly curious, with an insatiable appetite for travel and exploring nature. She is an entrepreneur, scuba instructor and photographer, traveling and working from the road in an Airstream Flying Cloud travel trailer with her husband Lenny, daughter Lilya, their adorable dog Marley, and a colorful little parrot named Mango. She believes in creating the life you desire and living it to the fullest.

  • How would you best describe your travel/camping style?

    We seek out remote landscapes and prefer off-grid boondocking over RV resorts. The comfort and luxury offered by our Airstream travel trailer allow us to extend our time fully immersed in the wilderness. Our style of travel revolves around self-sufficiency and a profound respect for the environment. We embrace a minimalist approach and practice Leave No Trace principles. 

  • What is something that always lifts your spirits?

    Our dog Marley. She is a West Highland Terrier, aka westie, and a great adventure travel pup.

  • What is your preferred type of camping (ie RV park, boondocking, state park, etc), and why?

    Our preferred type of camping is off-grid boondocking because it allows us to get closer to the wild places we enjoy exploring. However, we also like to break up long stints of boondocking with a stay at an RV resort to indulge in some luxuries and recharge before our next wilderness adventure.

  • What is your favorite piece of advice you’ve ever given or received on the road?

    My favorite piece of advice, which has resonated with us deeply, is the simple encouragement to "hit the road" in whatever RV is available to you. Whether it's a camper van, a luxurious motorhome, or a well-loved trailer, the essence lies in embracing the journey and experiencing the world around you. 

  • In a couple of sentences, what is your travel philosophy?

    Our travel philosophy is simple: always strive to leave every place better than we found it. Whether it's lending a helping hand in the local community, picking up trash, or simply respecting the natural surroundings, we believe in giving back more than we take. By leaving a positive impact wherever we go, we aim to contribute to the well-being of both the places we visit and the people who call them home.

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Karen and Lenny's

Favorite RV Destinations

Add these to your RV bucket list:
Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
The Kenai Peninsula has it all! Fishing, hiking, wildlife viewing, kayaking, glaciers, mountains, forests, oceans, and several friendly towns that embody the Alaska frontier spirit.
Grand Staircase, Escalante National Monument, Utah
At first glance, it may just seem like another desert landscape, but if you enjoy going past the paved roads, there are endless adventure opportunities to explore slot canyons, petroglyphs, and rock formations. It also has incredibly dark night skies, perfect for viewing the Milky Way and astrophotography.
Acadia National Park, Maine
Acadia in the fall is pure magic. The kaleidoscope of colors set against the romantic, rugged coast is the perfect start to the cozy season.
Joshua Tree National Park, California
Joshua Tree is one of our daughter’s favorite picks. Her reasoning is, “rocks, lots of rocks!” She enjoys bouldering and is interested in going back this year to climb.
Karen and Lenny Blue with their daughter

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Looking outside the window of Karen and Lenny Blue's Airstream Flying Cloud at a mountain range
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