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Donny and Tammy Benedict

Donny and Tammy Benedict

2024 THOR Ambassadors

Meet the Benedicts

School teacher, Tammy Benedict, and her hubby, Donny, take advantage of every school break and long weekend by traveling the US in their Keystone Cougar. Instead of waiting for retirement, they decided to start checking off their bucket list in their cozy home on wheels.  

  • How would you best describe your travel/camping style?

    We definitely see ourselves as RV travelers more than campers although we love a good campfire with friends.

  • What is something that always lifts your spirits?

    A new view out the windows of our Cougar. She frames them beautifully.

  • What is your preferred type of camping (ie RV park, boondocking, state park, etc), and why?

    We like a mix of all the above but who can resist a good state park?  That’s why we have visited all 52 Arkansas state parks.

  • What is your favorite piece of advice you’ve ever given or received on the road?

    Stop waiting for your dreams!  Start where you are with what you have and move toward your dream.

  • In a couple of sentences, what is your travel philosophy?

    No trip is too short, just go!

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Donny & Tammy's

Favorite RV Destinations

Add these to your RV bucket list:
Moab, Utah
Moab, Utah was our first RV location outside of our home state of Arkansas so it holds a special place in our heart and it is full of adventure.
Cody, Wyoming
Horseback riding in Cody, Wyoming was pretty spectacular.
Lewis and Clark State Park
Lewis and Clark State Park in Montana was everything you imagine Montana to be.
Hatteras Island
Hatteras Island in the Outer Banks is a perfect laid-back beach experience.
Manteo, Outer Banks
The waterfront area of Manteo in the OBX is a quaint and picturesque place to take a stroll.
Donny and Tammy Benedict make a toast outside of their Keystone Cougar.

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