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Travel trailers are the most popular type of non-motorized RV. No doubt you’ve seen one pulled down the highway hitched to a car or pickup. Travel trailers come in all sizes including tiny jellybean-shaped models with a chuckwagon kitchen in the rear to the massive house-on-wheels with picture windows and a sliding glass patio door.

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Sometimes called a “bumper-pull” (when they first became popular in the early ‘50s, they were attached to the bumper of the tow car), the modern travel trailer employs a hitch secured to the frame of your tow vehicle along with specialized hardware to make towing safe and easy.  

Some of the advantages of a travel trailer include:

  • Models to fit virtually every budget
  • “Ranch-style” single-level living ideal for anyone who doesn’t like to climb stairs
  • Your everyday car or truck can double as your RV hauler, so no reason to purchase a dedicated tow vehicle, understand your towing options by visiting Towing Guides
  • Once you unhitch at your campsite, you have your vehicle to help you get around
  • Solid walls and locking door for security
  • Very easy to set up
  • Multiple slide-outs expand to create wide-open living spaces
  • Tailored to fit your needs with lots of choices in floorplan layouts, including bunkhouse models, couples coaches and rear kitchen floorplans
  • Many offer two or more bedrooms for privacy

General Specs:

Length: Approximately 13 to 40-feet

Sleeps: Up to 10

frequently asked questions about travel trailers

Can travel trailers be used in the winter?

Yes, however not all travel trailers are properly outfitted for winter weather on their own. When RVing in extreme cold, it is important to protect water tanks from freezing. You can do so by using heating pads on tanks and skirting the outside of the RV. To find best practices before heading out for winter adventure and inquire about cold weather and all season options, consult your local, authorized dealer.

Do travel trailers have generators?

Many travel trailers do not come equipped with generators. Therefore, depending on how and where you camp, you may need to purchase a generator. If you plan on boondocking or will be camping in extreme heat, you may need more help powering the AC in your travel trailer. If you plan on having more than one air conditioning units, you may need to increase your travel trailer's power capacity from 30 amps to 50 amps. Most campgrounds do have 50 amp services.

Is towing a travel trailers safe?

Travel trailers are safe to tow if they are hitched correctly. You will want to have your dealer or towing shop set your tow vehicle and trailer up correctly with the right hitch, equalizer bars, possibly an anti-sway device, special breaking system and adjust your tire pressure. It is always best to consult experts and buy high quality equipment in order to tow your travel trailer safely.

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