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Toy Hauler

Many people think of toy haulers as the wild-child of the RV world.  Sometimes that’s true. While the toy hauler originated as a mobile man-cave complete with diamond plate walls, this popular RV type has evolved into much more. Today you might want to think of toy haulers as open-concept living spaces with multi-purpose utility.

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A toy hauler can be a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or even a motorhome possessing all the attributes of each, but with one significant advantage. In the back of the toy hauler you’ll find a garage for your toys plus a huge ramp door to make loading and unloading a breeze. Even if you don’t plan to haul four-wheelers or bikes, many toy hauler fans love the expansive space and the endless possibilities this open space affords.

Toy Hauler advantages include:

  • Wide-open “garage” in the rear or side for transporting ATVs, motorcycles, kayaks and other toys
  • In many rear ramp door doubles as a patio deck complete with side railings and overhead awning
  • Easy to repurpose the garage space as an office, hobby room, workshop, or guest bedroom
  • Manufacturers offer fold-away sleeping options in the garage including beds that lower from the ceiling at the touch of a button and separate TV and entertainment center
  • Garage area is ruggedized with water and oil-resistant flooring, tie-down fasteners and protective wall panels
  • Available as a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome depending on your preference

General Specs:

Length: Approximately 21 to 40 feet

Sleeps: Up to 11

Frequently Asked Questions About Toy Haulers

How do toy haulers work?

A toy hauler is a type of RV featuring a “garage” in the rear with a large ramp-door for access. Most commonly, toy haulers are fifth wheel or travel trailers, though some motorhomes can also be a toy hauler. Using the ramp door, you load your toys into the garage area, secure your load, and proceed as with any other RV type. People purchase toy haulers for many reasons, it does provide additional living and storage space, even if you are not storing toys. Many ramp doors also serve a dual purpose as an exterior porch.

Are toy haulers heavier and more expensive than other towable RVs?

Generally speaking, toy haulers are heavier and more expensive than a comparable non-toy hauler due to the construction and features added to make it carry the additional weight of toys. Axles have a higher weight-rating, the ramp-door is reinforced to hold the weight of the toy, the garage floor is heavy-duty, and hardware is added to help secure the load. All these features come with weight and cost.

Do toy haulers smell like gas?

Many toy haulers have a solid wall (with door) separating the garage area from the living quarters. This solid wall is frequently referred to as a “vapor wall” since its purpose is to reduce fumes from fuel spills caused by motorized toys or fuel cans from entering the sleeping and living area of the RV. As another precaution, the flooring material in the garage floor is usually constructed of petroleum-resistant material so as not to absorb spills. Another toy hauler garage feature intended to help reduce fuel vapors is sidewall vents located top and bottom of the garage to help clear out fumes, especially when the vehicle is underway.

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