Toy Haulers

If your idea of adventure is motorized fun, a toy hauler might be for you.

With luxurious living quarters and ample space for your toys, you can take everything you love anywhere you want. Toy haulers are specifically designed to safely and easily haul ATVs, motorcycles, or even jet skis. Rear doors double as ramps for easy launching and floors are durable and easy to clean. Weight and distribution are accounted for, and the trailer is designed to tackle off-road trips with ease.

Your RV is available from these Thor Industries subsidiaries:


  • Tall interior space
  • Easy to load/unload toys thanks to ramp
  • Wide bodies for more storage and interior space
  • Interior storage of toys keeps them clean and dry
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Convertible spaces inside (tables, beds)


  • Towing requires a large truck to account for extra weight
  • Larger models can be difficult to park or drive in small spaces
  • Toy storage reduces available living space
  • Tall models can have clearance issues
  • Storing toys can add to setup/preparation time for travel
  • Can require a large storage area when not in use

Toy Hauler Features

Toy haulers are uniquely designed for both comfortable living and adventure.

  • Durable floors stand up to toy storage
  • Rear doors become ramp for easy toy launching
  • Full kitchens with refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and pantries
  • Interior and exterior entertainment systems
  • Restrooms with full showers and luxurious finishes


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