Horse Trailers

Horse trailers might not be what you expect to find on an RV website. But we’re not talking about ordinary horse transportation.

Horse trailers combine the entire equine experience in one unit, with horse transportation space in the back and living space in the front. This combination lets you tow your horses and your home away from home with one vehicle, making your trip infinitely more convenient.

Your RV is available from these Thor Industries subsidiaries:


  • Conveniently combines horse transportation and on-the-road living space
  • Easy and safe to tow thanks to well-distributed trailer weight
  • Spacious interior space in living quarters, including kitchen, bathroom, dining, and sleeping areas
  • Can incorporate slide-outs for even more living space
  • Secure and comfortable space for horses
  • Durable construction to stand up to horse transportation


  • Towing requires a large truck with a hitch
  • Larger models can be difficult to park or drive in small spaces
  • Reduced ceiling height in the raised, over-cab sleeping area
  • Horse trailers require different maintenance than typical RVs
  • Living quarters can limit the number of horses you can transport
  • Can require a large storage area when not in use

Horse Trailer Features

Horse trailers bring utility and luxury together so you can take it all on the road.

  • Strong, durable, and comfortable horse trailer space
  • Full kitchens with refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and pantries
  • Multiple sleeping options, including queen-size master beds
  • Lounging and dining space that can convert into extra sleeping space
  • Entertainment systems
  • Slide-outs for even more interior space when parked
  • Restrooms with full showers and luxurious finishes
  • Plenty of storage, accessible from inside and outside the trailer


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