Expandable Campers

From pop-ups to slide-outs, expandable campers encompass any RV that allows you to enjoy some extra living space once you’re parked.

Expandable sections can be hard-sided slide-outs in the bedroom or living space, or soft-sided pop-out sections, or tents that give you the feeling of nature while still protecting you from the elements. No matter what kind of expandable you may choose, they’re all designed to give you flexibility and choices, on the road and at camp.

Your RV is available from these Thor Industries subsidiaries:


  • Slide-outs and expanding sections provide extra living and sleeping space
  • Extra living space compacts to make travel easy and convenient
  • Great for long-term stays at campgrounds or resorts


  • Slide-outs can add to the cost of an RV
  • Some expandable sections don’t allow for air conditioning and heat
  • Can add to setup time upon arrival

Expandable Camper Features

Expandable campers can come in the form of motorized or towable RVs, which means the features you’ll get vary widely.

  • Expandable sleeping sections for extra room in the bedroom
  • Expandable lounge areas provide more floor space in living areas
  • Expandable sections can include tents or cloth walls so you can experience the outdoors


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