Towable RV Types


  • Can unhook the tow vehicle for shorter trips and errands
  • No engine or driving components; entire trailer is dedicated to living and storage space
  • Typically more affordable than motorized RVs
  • Can hold value longer than motorized RVs
  • Require fewer repairs than motorized RVs


  • Must be hitched and unhitched from tow vehicle
  • Trailer is inaccessible while on the road; spend driving time in the tow vehicle
  • Cannot tow vehicles behind towable trailers
  • Can be difficult to maneuver and back up in tight spaces
  • Larger trailers require larger towing vehicles

Towable RV Types

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers can be towed with a variety of vehicles and are made for a variety of uses – from hauling to traveling to full-time RVing.

Fifth Wheels

Popular among full-time RVers, fifth wheel trailers maximize living space with over-cab sleeping. Towing a fifth wheel can be easier and more stable than other RVs.


As the demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles grows, so does the need for trailers those smaller vehicles can easily tow. Lightweight trailers still come packed with features and conveniences.

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers give you a place to sleep and a way to bring all kinds of toys with you, from motorcycles to full-size ATVs.

Horse Trailers

Horse trailers can uniquely combine comfortable and secure horse transportation and luxurious owner living quarters in the same unit.

Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up campers collapse for easy storage and towing. Once they’re parked, they expand to a much larger size for comfortable camping and rest.

Destination Trailers

While most travel trailers can be used for short or long trips depending on your preference and lifestyle, destination trailers are specifically designed to stay a while.

Expandable Campers

Expandable campers can include pop-up campers and motorized and towable RV types with slide-outs or add-ons that increase living and sleeping space inside, or bring in the feel of the outdoors.

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