RUVs are a relatively new addition to the RV world, blending SUV style and versatility with RV living space.

Also referred to as mini-Class A motorhomes, RUVs often feature a curved front windshield and a more rectangular body. RUVs are designed to make everyday trips and excursions far more comfortable. Take them out for a weekend, a sporting event, or a festival, and bring all your favorite modern comforts with you.

Your RV is available from these Thor Industries subsidiaries:


  • Compact and easy to drive
  • More interior space than Class B motorhomes
  • Curved windshield for better aerodynamics and fuel efficiency
  • Can be safer to drive than Class A motorhomes
  • Can tow an additional vehicle


  • Not as much interior space as Class A motorhomes or some towables
  • Can be difficult to park in tighter spaces
  • Height can sometimes cause clearance issues
  • Driving area takes up front portion
  • Ideal for short trips but not full-time living

RUV Features

RUVs are a new way to blend the space you want with the versatility you need to get up and go.

  • Kitchens with refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, and pantries
  • Multiple sleeping options, including convertible seating
  • Interior and exterior entertainment systems
  • Restrooms with showers
  • Storage accessible from inside and outside the RV


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