Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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(Applicable to THOR companies based in the U.S.)

THOR Industries is committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for its workers and preventing occupational illness and injury. Safety and accident prevention are vital. We are committed to:

  • Eliminating safety hazards from all jobs;
  • Detecting, reporting and correcting unsafe acts and/or conditions;
  • Instilling safety consciousness through training to each of our employees.

Some important guidelines are listed below. Safe operations comes from observing safe procedures, practices, and attitudes every day.

  • Promptly report all accidents to your immediate supervisor even when an injury is not readily apparent.
  • Wear the prescribed personal protective equipment for each job and ensure that it is in a fully serviceable condition before commencing work.
  • Loose clothing, jewelry, and hair longer than shoulder length should not be worn around moving machinery.
  • Smoke only in those areas designated for smoking.
  • Employees will report to work in a rested condition, unaffected by alcohol or drugs.
  • Firearms and other types of dangerous weapons will not be brought onto the premises (abiding by applicable state and/or federal law).
  • Operate only those machines on which you have been certified as being proficient by supervision.
  • Avoid running and all undue haste. Do not engage in horseplay at any time.
  • Lift objects with leg muscles and load close to your body.  When in doubt as to your safety, always get assistance or use a mechanical lifting device.
  • Do not take chances with any job. Pause and think before acting. If in doubt, ask your supervisor.

Revised October 18, 2019