Window to Badlands, SD

A sunset view out an RV window, facing the landscape of Badlands National Park.
Why do you like it here?

When we were there, we only saw a few other vehicles, but the trails went on forever! It felt untouched and very inviting. It was rejuvenating and made us feel more alive. We could’ve stayed there for days. Definitely on our list of top favorite places.

Who’s your favorite travel buddy?

Each other. Especially our little 11-month-old daughter. She’s amazing to travel with; always thrilled to be outside and gets excited over the littlest things. She is extremely observant, so it’s fun to watch her eyes wander.

What’s your favorite part about this view?

We didn’t even know about it until that day! We explored Mt. Rushmore and thought, we need to find something people don’t talk about as much, and someone shared this location with us on Instagram. We were blown away at how beautiful and inviting the place was. It just calls out to you to run the trails and go exploring. It also has such amazing sunsets.

What’s one piece of advice you have for RVers?

Add more time than you initially planned, if you can. It makes such a difference if you know in the back of your mind you have an extra day, because you give yourself permission to soak in the view a little longer or enjoy the little moments with more focus.

Who do you wish you could share this view with?

Our parents and siblings. We owe so much to each of them for their encouragement to pursue our dreams and have active mindsets to go after what we want in life. We don’t take these views for granted and we wish we could share all the best ones with each of them.

What places do you recommend nearby?

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