Why We RV in the City

with Jessy and Jim McFarlin
Jessy and Jim holding hands walking through Austin, Texas

Jessy Wilson and Jim McFarlin are musicians who love RVing with a twist––they sought out a campsite in the heart of Austin, Texas where they can collaborate with other musicians. See what they have to say about camping in city limits.

Jessy and Jim's Keystone Cougar parked in a campsite

What kind of RV do you own and what do you like about it?

We own a 2003 Keystone Cougar Fifth Wheel. We love that it is SO cozy inside. It is updated with more modern style and fixtures, and it feels warm and homey. It doesn’t feel like an RV when you’re inside––it’s bigger than some apartments in New York City! (My hometown.)

Jessy and Jim cooking inside their Keystone Cougar

What has living in an RV in Austin allowed you to do that you may not have been able to experience in a hotel?

We have all the comforts of home, all our favorite belongings. We sleep in our own bed, on our own sheets. We eat off our own plates, play our own instruments, etc. We also enjoy the little piece of land that’s right outside our door. We can step outside and sit by the fire, drink tea under the blue sky, and enjoy each other’s company in a way we’ve never been able to before. It’s both way more convenient and way more adventurous than a hotel.

Jessy and Jim McFarlin riding bikes.

What city features do you take advantage of most while you’re living in your RV?

There are tons of great things to do here that are also compliant with the social distancing rules. For instance, we’ll go hiking and biking at trails within the city, or take long walks around Lady Bird Lake. And there are so many businesses nearby––grocery stores, juice bars, coffee shops. It’s all right outside our door and within walking distance.

Jessy walking her dog Tiny through a park in Austin, Texas

How do you satisfy the craving to spend time in nature when you’re in the heart of a city?

There’s a trail just one block away, so we truly do get the best of both worlds. There are also state parks, more trails and even waterfalls very close to our campsite. McKinney Falls State Park is a quick 20 minute drive away.

Jessy singing and recording a song inside her Keystone Cougar

What advice would you give to other RVers who may not have considered RVing in more metropolitan areas?

Surprisingly, it feels just like camping anywhere else, except you get city views and the benefit of city features, like access to specialty grocery stores, a ton of incredible restaurants, and other businesses. For instance, if we need new guitar strings, we can pick up a new pack the same day, which is not something we would expect to be able to do in a more rural area, necessarily. It’s unique and super stimulating to be camping inside a metropolitan area with so much to offer. 

Jessy and Jim travel in a Keystone Cougar fifth wheel.

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