Why I RV For Adventure

with Sonya Lowery
Sonya Lowery driving her Jayco Redhawk.

Sonya Lowery has always pursued heart-pounding thrills and new experiences, but when Covid hit and she was stuck at home, she had to reevaluate how to find adventure in a safe and manageable way. So, she and her partner Ray, decided to buy an RV. Now the couple is on a mission to safely take their Jayco Redhawk to as many new places as possible, and they have no intention of stopping any time soon.

Sonya Lowery's Jayco Redhawk parked by the ocean.
What made you decide to buy an RV?

Ray and I visited a few RV shows just for fun and thought it would be great to own an RV one day when we got older. We thought of RVing as something that “old people do” and didn’t know anyone in our community that camped. We have always been pretty adventurous, so when Covid hit, we couldn’t get the RV fast enough. It was the perfect move. We just had to break out of our comfort zones and learn a new lifestyle.

Sonya Lowery and Ray Young relaxing in bed while working on the computer in their Jayco Redhawk.
What kind of RV do you own and what do you like about it?

We own a 2020 Jayco Redhawk SE Class C.  Ray is 6’5” and I’m 5’8” so we knew we needed headroom and enough space to move around. We were also extremely new to RVing so we wanted something that was manageable and easy to drive. We love our Jayco because it’s the perfect “first” RV for us and our dog Roxy. Plus, it has enough room for our grown kids when they decide to join us.

Ray Young (Sonya's fiance), hops out of their Jayco Redhawk to grab eggs from a local stand on the side of the road.
What was it like adjusting to your RV?

We actually purchased the RV before we had ever gone camping so we were pretty intimidated, to say the least. I scheduled our first camping trip the very next day after we got the keys, so our learning curve was straight up! Luckily, the people we met at the campsite were eager to help out a pair of newbies. And thank goodness for them. We were able to get back on track when things didn’t go as planned, learn a few tips and enjoy the remainder of our trip. It didn’t deter us from taking multiple trips over the next few months, all the while asking for help when we needed it. The best part is that we are now the ones giving advice to other newbies.

Sonya Lowery and Ray Young take their dog on a walk through the cranberry bog where their RV is parked.
How does your RV allow you to pursue your dreams?

My love for adventure started at a young age. And as an adult, that love grew and became insatiable. I love everything about a new experience—from trying new food to high energy adventures. RVing has allowed us to keep exploring, without missing a beat. We are getting to know more about the country we live in, about ourselves and us as a couple. It’s truly wonderful.

Sonya Lowery and Ray Young laugh while on a deep sea boating trip.
What do you see in your RV future?

We are seriously considering selling our homes and RVing full time for a few years. It’s the best way to see and immerse yourself into different parts of the country.  I believe that life is to be lived, so best go live it.

Sonya Lowery travels in a 2020 Jayco Redhawk.

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